Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Unicorns and Dragons

Unicorns are very, very rare. You are exceedingly lucky to have seen even but one in your entire lifetime. Nobody knows for certain why they are so rare, but different people say different things. The clergy of the Church of Bog say that the unicorn was a perfect creature, taken from the world as punishment for our transgressions. People see the unicorn because they are perfect in the eyes of Bog. The scholars and the wizards say that the unicorn was hunted to extinction because its body parts had magical properties, according to the wizards, and because their body parts were thought to have magical properties, according to the scholars. The conspiracy theorists say that they were taken by otherworldly beings, or that they were hidden by the Church of Bog. The dwarfs say that all things of the flesh will die one day, and the unicorns were some of the first to go. The biomancers and vivimancers don't really care why they are so rare, but they really, really want unicorn parts again. The elves know what happened to the unicorns.

The unicorns hid themselves. They are terrible creatures, with mouths filled with needles of bone and eyes wild with hunger. Instead of hooves, they have human-like hands, fingers tipped with hoof-like nails. Their tails are prehensile, and their mouths, horns, and hands are always caked with blood and viscera. They are bloodthirsty and love to hunt and gorge themselves on meat. They are cunning. They are actually much more common than most people know. They crawl through the forests and the cities, stalking peasants, hunters, adventurers, and tradesmen. They are very adept at being hidden, and the reason they are rare is because they rarely slip up. Most only see them when one tries to eat them. The elves know all of this, because they made the unicorns. They crafted these equine predators, and elves will often be accompanied by hornless unicorns. Be wary around elves, as their horses are just as dangerous as they are. It is true that the unicorn's body parts have magical properties. Most think its just the blood and the horn, but its really every part of the creature. Clothing made from unicorn hair is immune to fire. Elves drink the blood and urine of their unicorns to increase their magical or fighting power. Glue made from unicorn hooves never breaks. Have a fun time getting these parts, though. Unicorns are immortal. Unless they are turned into dust and scattered in the wind, they will keep on kicking. Even just a single unicorn leg will eventually grow into another sadistic horse.
HD: 4+4
AC: 17
Attacks: 2 (+3 claw/+3 horn or +3 claw/+1 bite)
Damage: claw: 1d6+3, bite: 1d10+4, horn: 1d8+4
Movement: as horse (I don't know what that is)
Intellect: 16
Morale: 10
Unicorns will commonly (60%) be found in the company of elves. These elves will occasionally cut the unicorn, dealing 1 point of damage, drink the blood, and gain 1 level of class abilities (not hit dice, but attack bonuses and spellcasting). This lasts for 1d10 rounds. Player character elves can do the same, but fighters and magic-users cannot. The unicorn will heal 2 hit points per round, including after they are 'killed', unless they are utterly destroyed (turned into dust, melted, etc.). If pieces of the unicorn are left, they will each become a healthy unicorn. Unicorns can climb walls at the same speed as they can walk. Unicorns speak their own language and the tongue of elves.

Dragons are terrible. Everybody knows that. Big dragons crawl down from their mountain lairs and crush villages under their paws and claws, and more common drakes swim through muddy rivers and poison the land. Some dragons have the faces of men or of dogs or of birds, and bodies like a lizard or scorpion. Their wings have eyes, and their skin spews poisonous clouds. Their mangy skin is cold to the touch, and it is still even though you can hear the monster breathing. Everybody hates dragons, but nobody knows what exactly they are. The Church of Bog says they are demons. The wizards laugh at the church's claims about the dragons, stating that the dragons are some magical accident, or maybe some mutant animal. The scholars are confused by the dragons. The elves hate the dragons and try to kill them on sight. Some soldiers say that the dragons are to beasts what the orcs are to humans. Many people agree with them.
HD: 2-11
AC: 15-20
Attacks: 3 (+4 claw/+4 claw/+3 bite)
Damage: claw: 1d8+3, bite: 1d12
Movement: as human+10' per hit die
Intellect: 3-10
Morale: 12
Dragons will have 1d4 of the following abilities (roll 1d12 1d4 times):
  1. Flight (has fly speed equal to walk speed)
  2. Breath weapon (save vs. breath or take xd6 damage (x=hit dice). Damage type determined by you)
  3. Poisonous presence (all creatures around it take xd2 damage per round (x=hit dice). succeed save vs. breath and take half damage)
  4. Many legs (double speed, can climb walls)
  5. Night vision
  6. Religious (can use miracles as a cleric of level equal to their hit dice. Worships Drakonik, the spirit of dragons)
  7. Magical (can cast spells as a magic-user of level equal to their hit dice)
  8. Thick shell (AC increased by 2 points)
  9. No legs (half speed, must crawl like a slug)
  10. Elf vision (can only see elves and related creatures)
  11. Immune (takes no damage from anything but magic, which it takes half damage from)
  12. Amnesiac presence (all creatures around it forget things easily. Characters must make an ability check based on their class or lose a level of experience (strength for fighters, dexterity for thieves, intelligence for magic-users, wisdom for clerics)
They will never be found in the presence of other creatures, and the adventurers feel something off when they are approaching it.

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