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Elves are bad news. They will steal your children, make your crops shrivel, and curse your body. They will crawl into your house at night and murder everyone but you, redecorating with their viscera. It is easy to find an elf because of the trail of disease, discord, gore, and ruin that they leave behind them. Or it will be impossible to find an elf because they hide themselves just outside of your vision. If you meet an elf, you will know. They look human in outline, but they are definitely not human. Their eyes might have slit pupils, or no pupils at all. Their mouth might just have the small cutting teeth of a child, or they might have layers upon layers of needles. They might bleed oil that glows in darkness, or hunts creatures as if it were an ooze. They might have the horns of a goat or the antlers of a stag. They might have the tail of a cow or of a monkey, or scales like a reptile or a fish. They might have cracks in their skin, or skin like porcelain, obsidian, tree bark, or metal. Elves are monsters.
A family of elves

Elves are faerie creatures. All fae are horrible, but elves are just some of the most numerous. There are many things that are the bane of elf-kind. Iron and salt destroy their being as well as their flesh, and certain charms have strange effects on them. Elves are confused by faith, just as they are confused by other things of the more mortal world, but they fear clerics. That's because they know that whatever god or spirit the priest is praying to doesn't exist, but they get seemingly limitless, miraculous power from their belief in them and their confidence alone. Clerics are possibly the only thing that elves fear.

Elves might do terrible things, but they aren't evil. They are just alien. They have a complete disregard for more mortal life, and especially human life. They do not care. They only see you as something to be toyed with for their enjoyment.

While everybody knows that elves are dangerous, they don't often know that their animals are dangerous too. If an elf is riding a horse, its probably a unicorn. If an elf is accompanied by a dog, its probably a Coo Sidhe (Coo Shee). The flies around an elf's head are piskies, and the cat is a strange familiar.

The Elf (Class)
The elf is exactly the same as in the normal LotFP rules, but with the following changes:

  • The spellcasting change elaborated in this post.
  • They take 1.5 times more damage from iron weapons.
  • They take 1 point of damage from salt.
  • They take 1 point of damage for every point above 10 from iron armor.
  • If you choose iron armor/weapons or an animal at character creation, rather than being normal, there are the following changes:
    • Iron tools are made from the strange elfmetal (also called mithril)
    • Horses are unicorns with hit dice 3+3
    • Dogs are Coo Sidhe
  • You don't need to eat, but you really like eating, so you drain the food supplies as normal.
  • You don't need to sleep (see below)
  • You can go into the world of faerie at-will. This (sort of) replaces sleep, as if you stay in the more mortal world, you become less magical and more mortal, losing your magical powers. The more you become mortal, the more difficult it is to go into faerie.
  • They cast spells from their own spell list, rather than the MU spell list.
  • They are able to see in darkness.
  • + Charisma, - Constitution (they switch their Int and Con scores if Con is higher than Int)

The Elf (Monster)
HD: 1+1
AC: 14
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d8+1
Movement: 120'
Intellect: 16-18
Morale: 10
The average elf will have the abilities of a level 3 elf. If they are accompanied by animals, they will be monstrous (horses will be unicorns, dogs will be Coo Sidhe). There is a 65% chance that they will be of a higher or lower level than third. They will only check morale if the cleric in the party prays for a miracle. They will attack with daggers typically, but they can employ their claws, which deal 1d6+1 damage. Both attacks have +2 to hit, unless they are a higher or lower level. 

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