Thursday, June 25, 2015

Towards More Interesting Bandits

Bandit tribes and gangs should have evocative names and interesting subcultures and whatnot. Essentially, I'm just gonna share some bandit tribes that I came up with earlier today for a hexcrawl I'm working on, as well as some new ones. The base stats for the Bandit are:

HD: 1
AC: 14
Attacks: 1 (weapon)
Damage: Varies by weapon (typical weapon is listed with bandit tribe description)
Movement: 120'
Intellect: 9-12
Morale: 7
If bandits are found traveling, then you will encounter 2d6 of them. If they are found at their own camp, you will encounter 3d10 of them. Other special features are based on their tribe/gang.

Some Bandit Tribes
The Bloodies: They drench themselves with blood before fighting. If fighting without blood on their body, they have -2 to all of their rolls. They typically arm themselves with swords (1d6+2).
The Eye-Gougers: They gouge their eyes out with knives. Some wear eyepatches or blindfolds. They have -4 to hit with attacks, but attacks deal double damage (1d4 becomes 2d4). They arm themselves with knives (1d4)
The Biters: They crawl on fours, completely naked, and attack by biting, rather than using weapons. They have +4 to hit with their bite attack (1d6), and have +1 to hit with all other attacks. Some might think they are druids.
The Garbage Men: They cover themselves with trash and other rotting things. Creatures around them must succeed a save vs. paralysis or fall unconscious because of the stench for 1d4 rounds. They typically carry clubs (1d6+1)
The Crack Heads: They break open their skulls and let the brains within be free for at least a few moments. Every round, they must make a Con check (con is 2d6+6) or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds. They can cast spells as a level 1d6+1 MU. They are armed with clubs (1d6+1)
The Chains: They wrap rusty chains around their body that can snatch people from wear they stand. When they make an attack, they can choose to forego the attack and instead wrap the target up in the chains. The target must make an opposed Strength check every round to escape (bandit strength is 4d6, drop the lowest). They typically carry knives (1d4)
The Drunkards: They fill themselves with booze before fighting. When drunk, they have -1 to their AC and attack rolls, but +5 to all of their saving throws. They carry broken bottles (1d4+2).
The Ghouls: They are emaciated, almost undead-looking. During combat, they can eat a corpse to gain the attack bonus, AC, and saving throws of the dead person for the next hour. They attack with their claws (1d6+1)
The Gemini: They are tied together with ropes and tubes that share their blood. All of their statistics are doubled (except for AC and speed) (thus, they have 2 HD, 2 attacks per round, etc.). Some of them are actually connected by flesh.
The Highwaymen: They wear elaborate costumes and strange guises. In addition to their normal stats, they have the abilities of a level 2d4 thief. They can backstab and use burglary skills.
The Turtles: They have thick shells or carapaces strapped to their backs. As an action, they can retract into these shells. The shell has AC 18, but their body is still AC 14. The shell has 2d6 HP.
The Stilt Storks: They strap their legs on thin, yet strong, stilts so that they can be above the people they are fighting. The legs must be broken before you can attack the bandits in melee. They have AC 16 and 3d6 HP.

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