Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Recently I've gotten into the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system, and I'll start transitioning everything over to that system, rather than LL. I did read the rules a while ago, but re-reading them now I've come up with some house rules that I'm gonna enact to make the game more like what I want.
Separating Race from Class
I like race-as-class in some situations, and I definitely like there being classes for specific races, as I think those can enforce the setting more, but for some races I just don't like there being only 1 class option for them. In the LotFP rules, these are the halfling and the dwarf. I will be making classes specifically for them, but I don't like having the entire race be just 1 class. However, I do like it for the elf. I guess its because of how I usually treat them; dwarves and halflings can both fight, they can both steal, both of them will have religion or belong to whatever pseudo-christian church that exists in the setting. Maybe dwarves aren't magical, but they can still do most other things. I treat elves like some sort of monster that has complete disregard for most life, that has an alien mind and is completely magical. They are significantly weirder than either dwarves or halflings, and they don't belong to any human society.
The Specialist
I like the skill system. I don't like it being restricted to the specialist. I think it would work better as something all of the classes have. However, while I will be getting rid of the specialist, I will be replacing it with the thief. I will do other things to classes and the skill system, but I'm gonna write about those below.
The Other Classes
I will be adding a few features to the other (non-specialist) classes. These will still fall under the same theme as their already existing features, but will be separate from their other features (ex: multiple attacks for the fighter).
The Skills
I'm going to increase the number of skills in the skill list. I'm also gonna make it so that sometimes your ability scores affect the outcome, but this won't happen all the time.

My augmented classes, races, and skill system will be coming soon! Have a great day!

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