Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Elf and the New Magic-User

I'm changing how the magic-user and the elf cast spells. Here's how:

The Magic-User
The MU can 'upgrade' their spells by using higher spell slots. They can cast a level one spell as a more powerful version by using a level 2 spell slot. Since how the spells increase in power isn't provided in the LotFP rules, I'll just come up with some general way to upgrade spells, or I'll use the upgrade descriptions from 5e.
The Elf
The elf has points that they spend to cast spells, rather than using spell slots. A level 1 spell costs 1 point, a level 2 spell costs 2 points, etc. They can use double the points to increase the power of the spell, and (occasionally) triple the points to increase the power even more. See above for how I'm increasing spell power.

Both classes still use the same spellcasting matrix that is listed for their class. The elf just adds all of the slots together to find how many points they have, and the MU just uses the same matrix as-is.

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