Monday, June 15, 2015

Star-Liches and Other Space Creatures

(I'll probably be making a weird fantasy setting for my LotFP stuff, so this'll be the first post 'bout that)

Space is really big and really weird. It is filled with monstrous abominations and aliens, strange stars and strange worlds, and the nothingness around that other stuff. Creatures made of broiling eyes and gases float between soot-black stars, dominated by races of violent metal-men. Skeletal liches fly on their rainbow ziggurats, looking for anything to entertain themselves. The void watches.

From Adventure Time

HD: 10-20
AC: 19
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4+2
Movement: 180'
Intellect: 21+
Morale: 11
Star-liches are those magic-users that have chosen to exile themselves to the vast reaches of space. They are created in a similar manner to the undead wizards of earth, but there are some differences because of the unending void that the lich resides in. Star-liches have the casting ability of a magic-user of a level equal to their hit dice. They are able to force an existential fear in a creature that they wish, making the target make a save vs. existentialism (paralysis). If the target fails such a save, they stop thinking they exist. They cannot move, nor defend themselves. If the target succeeds their saving throw, then they begin to question their own reality, losing 2 points from each of their mental ability scores (INT, WIS, CHA). Star-liches typically carry with them many items of magical natures. Star-liches speak a strange tongue, like the language spells are written in, but mutated and changed.

Space Whales
From Pathfinder
Huge creatures float through the infinite swaths of nothingness that comprise outer space. Some look like creatures from earth, but most look like things much, much stranger. They are called space whales, cosmobeasts, and astral leviathans. They cannot be fought, both because of their size and alien nature, and because they do not wish to fight. They do nothing, suspended in nothing. Sometimes, they fall down to our planet or to others, and interesting things happen when this occurs. Scavengers, both the more mundane and the more unnatural, crawl on the massive cadaver, ripping the gaseous flesh from the magnesium bones, while the alien parasites of the monster hunt them and the people who have arrived to gather esoteric materials from the intergalactic corpse. Sometimes they are still alive, but creatures still take from them. Their metal bones are exposed as their poisonous spirits infect the animals around them.

Spore Cosmonauts
From Fallout: New Vegas

HD: 4-6
AC: 14
Attacks: 3
Damage: 1d6+chance of infection
Movement: 140'
Intellect: 3
Morale: 8
There are fungi that root their mycelia in small planetoids or in the wreckage of spacecraft. They release spores that are blown by solar winds, and eventually meet the flesh of a living being. The fungus grows in the creature, sending fibrous growths throughout the meat of the host. It is extremely painful, but if you are not experienced, you cannot differentiate it from other plagues. It is once mushrooms grow from the host's body that it becomes apparent what the nature of the illness is. After but a few days, the host becomes controlled and covered by the fungus. Although any living creature can fall prey to the fungal growths, those most susceptible are those who adventure in space, or cosmonauts. The air around a spore cosmonaut is thick with infectious spores, and with each attack that the monster makes, the target must make a save vs. infection (poison), or catch the fungal growths themselves. After a few months, all of the meat in the host's body is consumed and the body disintegrates. 

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