Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Humanoids!

The Humanoids! is a campaign setting/rules modification for Labyrinth Lord AEC which has you playing the creations of a mad wizard, the jungle savages, or the dungeon denizens. There's lots of changes made from the default LL game.

Rather than Law-Chaos and Good-Evil axes on the alignment system, there are Civil-Savage and Happy-Angry axes. Neutral is replace by Normal, because why would dumb goblins and kobolds know fancy words that aren't shouted at them by mean adventurers?

Civil- Civil creatures are creatures that love the pleasures of civilization, such as art, poetry, readily supplied food and water, heat, not being eaten by strange monsters while asleep, etc. Both your average holier-than-thou paladin and your average conniving thief are considered Civil creatures. Civil creatures also include the likes of angels, dragons, and vampires.

Normal- Normal creatures are those that enjoy civilization, but don't really have all of them. Peasants and those that live in dangerous areas are considered Normal, because while they live in civilization, they know what its like to be starved and live in fear of the things that lurk in the darkness. Normal creatures include peasants, lizardfolk, drunk tavern-goers, and some monster hunters.

Savage- Savage creatures definitely do not live in civilization. They are those in extreme poverty that eat the flesh of humankind. They are those that live in caves and set traps for any who dare to enter. They are afraid of things much larger and much scarier than themselves, but love to terrorize those smaller and less scary than them. Savage creatures include your run-of-the-mill goblins, kobolds, halflings, demons, and zombies.

Happy- Happy creatures are currently happy. That's all there is to it.

Normal- Normal creatures are currently experiencing a neutral emotion.

Angry- Angry creatures are currently angry.

The emotional axes are based on what the average monster would see at first glance. A raging knight, come to kill and pillage might actually be very happy, but to the goblins its killing, it is very, very angry. Doing terrible things and being angry are not the same, however. Those same goblins would happily terrorize the local kobolds and peasantry that live just outside the cave, but they are the monsters, and actually know what they are feeling.

Monsters can eat the corpses of those they kill or find dead to gain temporary bonuses. Each ability score is given a different part of the body, and consuming those parts increases one's ability in that area. The time that the ability is raised by is equal to 1dx hours (x=your level), and the amount each ability is raised by is detailed in your race's description.

  1. Strength is raised by eating the muscles
  2. Dexterity is raised by eating the bones
  3. Constitution is raised by eating the heart
  4. Intelligence is raised by eating the brain
  5. Wisdom is raised by eating the eyes
  6. Charisma is raised by eating the tongue
The Monsters
What could possibly be called a monster by the monsters? Things that want to kill them and things that are weirder then them. While you might be horrified by the goblins swarming your friends fresh cadaver before it even hits the musty floor, the goblins are terrified by the disgusting vampire lord that rules this level of the dungeon, and the vampire lord is terrified of what they've heard about the aboleth 10 levels down. Everything is afraid of something, even the gods, and the monster book for this campaign setting reflects that. You will find goblins and orcs and whatnot in there, but you will also find elves, dwarves, paladins, wizards, and thieves, as well as alien monstrosities that even the aboleth is afraid of.

The next few posts will probably be about this game, but I am continuing my other projects. I hope you have a great day!

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