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The Church of Bog

The Church of Bog is a very popular religion that has spread throughout a fairly sizeable chunk of the world. It began in the city-state of Gorod, a center of trade and commerce, and spread primarily through the trade of ideas that occurred at the same time as the trade of goods.
The Prophetess when she was alive.

The Prophetess Prorok
Gorod was primarily a polytheistic city, where the faiths of the many peoples that came and went to and from the metropolis mixed together. Then, the Prophetess Prorok had a vision and began the Church of Bog.

She described a great being, with three naked bodies joined at a gargantuan head. The head has three faces and five eyes, and each body is different. The body to the left pregnant, and has skin the color of the wet earth and has hairs made of the plants of the earth. The body in the center is slender and quick-looking, with no hair and skin like fire or wind. The body to the right is muscled and has skin the color of the void of space. Its hairs are like stars or like comets. Each body, with eyes still closed, speaks its name: "Bosh," says the left head. "Osk," says the center head. "Gytt," says the right head. These three bodies repeat their names until another sound emerges. Prorok hears this new sound, and she sees the heads begin to open their eyes. The last thing she hears before waking from her slumber is a resounding word: "BOG".

The morning after she awoke, she told her friends of this vision. This rumor spread through the city, and most people were confused by the vision. The fortune-tellers have never heard of such a dream. The next night, Prorok sees another vision in her dreams.

Bog is floating in a great expanse of nothing, like they were before. The left head opens its eyes, and bright light flows forth from it. The cosmos is created. Stars blink into existence and planets emerge from the darkness. The left head closes its eyes as the center head opens its eyes. Fire can be seen in the eyes of the center head, and the universe ages as its eyes are open. It is not obvious, but Prorok knows it to be true. The center head closes its eyes as the right head opens its eyes. Its eyes are empty. The cosmos ends as its eyes are open. Stars explode and planets deteriorate, and Prorok begins to drift back to the waking world. But she comes back when the right head closes its eyes. All of the heads open their eyes at once, and the universe is created again. The universe becomes old, but new parts of it are being made. And old parts are being destroyed. Prorok wakes up.

She preaches of her prophetic dream and this spreads even further. The fortune-tellers are freaking out because this is the first time they've been unable to define a weird dream.

The Prophetess continued to have visions every night for the rest of her life, and the Church of Bog grew after a few years, from the teachings told to the Prophetess in her dreams. Even today, you can go to the Great Cathedral of Bog in Gorod and see the mummified corpse of the Prophetess and, for a fee, ask her some questions of the religious sort. A voice will issue from the dry, cracked mouth and she will tell you the answer, fueled by Bog's influence.
The Prophetess today.

The Current Church of Bog
The modern Church of Bog has been formed over the few centuries its been around through the assimilation of other faiths and traditions. It has splintered so many times over its history, and now there are about 25 different denominations, each with their own separate teachings and versions of what the Prophetess Prorok saw in her dreams. Each and every religious institution of the Church of Bog belongs to one of these denominations, with the exception of the Great Cathedral of Bog in Gorod, which is essentially neutral territory.
The Great Cathedral of Bog.

Each denomination preaches acceptance and tolerance, but there are always people who use religion as an excuse to be terrible. Some of the denominations have higher densities of these villains, but mostly they are spread around evenly. There are plenty of priests and clerics that are trying to combat the terrible pastors and priests, so they are (thankfully) a minority in the Church. But they are a very vocal minority.

A Cleric of Bog
The portfolio of a cleric of the Church of Bog varies with which aspect of Bog they hail primarily. If they hail Bosh, the creator, a cleric's portfolio might be mostly healing, light, or fixing items. If they hail Osk, the doer, a cleric's portfolio might be mostly the turning of creatures and the sending of information. If they hail Gytt, the destroyer, a cleric's portfolio might be mostly damaging spells.

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