Friday, June 26, 2015

Two Classes for the World With No Name

Eventually, you might look like Oogie Boogie

The Puppet
Hit Dice: d6 (+2/level after 9th)
Experience: as Thief
Attack Bonus: 1/2 level, rounded down
Saving Throws: as Cleric

It is well known that creatures in groups form consciousnesses together. That's why ants and bees can do such coordinated tasks, and why sometimes people dream the same dream. The puppet is an example of this. It is a human or otherwise humanoid skin that is puppeted around by insects, arachnids, or some other type of small creature. You begin with only a small amount of these animals, but the number increases as you go up with level, and the creatures attract more of their sort. Puppet characters have the following class features:

  • You have a number of puppeteers equal to your HP.
  • When you have fewer creatures, you are lighter and speedier. Your exploration speed is 140', and you switch your Dexterity and Strength scores, but only if Strength is higher than Dexterity.
  • For every 5 creatures above 6, remove 1 point from Dexterity and put it into Strength. Your speed also decreases; it goes down by 10' every 4 levels (5th level, 9th level, etc.)
  • You can send your controllers to go on missions such as spying. For every puppeteer sent out, you lose 1 HP.
  • Magical healing kills any controller creatures that are away from your body and births new ones in your skin.
  • You can use your puppeteers for some tasks that are more specific than what can be done as stated above:
    • You can use the Tinker skill as a Thief of equal level. This is affected by your Dex modifier.
    • You can use the Sleight of Hand skill as a Thief of equal level. This is affected by your Dex modifier.
    • You can take control of another creature by sending a number of creatures equal to its HD+5 into it. It must make a save vs. paralysis to resist the effect. For each bonus Hit Point, you must send in another creature.
  • You have +1 to both your Paralysis and Poison saves, and +5 to your breath save. However, for every 6 creatures controlling your hollow skin, you receive a -1 penalty to your Breath saving throw.

With some work, you might look like the Tarman

The Goremaster
Hit Dice: d8 (+3/level after 9th)
Experience: as Fighter
Attack Bonus: 1/2 level, rounded up
Saving Throws: as Fighter

You are a walking car accident or murder scene. You revel in injury and viscera, and have no reaction to harm, unless you love it. You might look normal now, but you can just fill the area with your blood and guts at a moment's notice. How is unknown, but you can! Goremaster characters have the following class features:
  • At level 1, you take 1 point less damage from nonmagical sources (fire, weapons, etc.). However, you are still injured by them. They just don't faze you. At level 3, you take 2 fewer points of damage. At level 6, you take minimum damage from nonmagical sources, and 1 point less damage from magical sources.
  • At level 1, you can explode yourself. Everybody within 30' is splatted with your blood and viscera and must make a save vs. paralysis or faint/puke for 1d6 rounds. You reform after 1 round, at an amount of HP equal to your HD plus your Con mod (minimum 1).
  • At level 6, you can control the flesh within other creature's bodies. Thus, you can make them explode just like you. However, they don't reform unless you make them. If you try to kill them, they can make a save vs. magic, with a penalty equal to your level, minus 5. At first, you can only control the flesh of creatures within 10', but it increases by 5' every level.
  • At level 9, you can animate other people's flesh into semi-autonomous gore constructs. They have HD equal to the creature they were made from, AC equal to them when unarmored, 1 attack (1d8), and saves as a fighter of your level. 
  • If you are not wearing armor, your AC is equal to 10+Dex mod+Con mod. If you are not wearing skin, you have a variable bonus, based on what your AC is unarmored:
    • 10-12: +6
    • 13-14: +4
    • 15-16: +2
  • You have +2 to your Paralysis and Poison saves.

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