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Dwarfs are from dwarfland (also known as Duergar, The Construction, the Manufactory). dwarfland is a world marred by industry, construction, and art. this is because Dwarfs are obsessed with one thing and one thing only: making stuff. They never aren't making stuff. dwarfish ethnicities/cultures/whatever you want to call them are known by what they make stuff with, for example

  1. The Dwarfs of Wood and Wine
  2. The Dwarfs of Flame and Steel
  3. The Dwarfs of Sand and Bone
  4. The Dwarfs of Meat and Skin
  5. The Dwarfs of Electricity and Glass
Dwarfs do not reproduce they do not have genitals. those dwarfs that are skilled enough to makee other dwarfs are called MOTHERS. dwarfs are usually too busy making things to have gender, and so they are all agender. only those dwarfs that stop making things identify as any sort of gender.
SOMETIMES something weird happens to a dwarf. they lose their obsession with crafting and manufacture, and get a new obsession: DESTROYING THINGS. these corrupted dwarfs are called DEROS and can also be found in dwarfland. they are also too busy for gender, but instead are too busy destroying stuff. they will never make anything unless it is to a) destroy it or b) to help destroy something else. sometimes a DEros will search out the building materials of their dwarfish culture more than other materials, but they are happy to destroy anything

GHOSTWORLD is not the afterlife. there is no afterlife, without the use of powerful necromancy. GHostworld does have dead things in it. it is unclear if these are the actual dead thing they claim to be, or if they are just really good at lying. Ghosts that exist for longer become more monstrous and weird. Ghosts haunt our world to get power. the more power they get the more monstrous and weird and BIG they become. ghosts never die, they are only banished back to the ghostworld and will eventually come back to a) wreck vengeance and b) grow more power. Ghosts never forget anything

The Calendar is a circle. there are 4 seasons on it (springtime, summertime, autumntime, and wintertime). there are 13 months on it (3 in springtime, 4 in summertime (the lizard people really like summer (also they might all die without this longer heat period), 3 in autumntime, and 3 in wintertime). there is a leap year every 5 years (leap years cause the midsummer month to be 32 days long, rather than 31 days). The new years day (The Beginening) is the first day of springtime.

The Lizard People HATE wintertime. they cant have kids, they cant grow or hunt food, they cant even really leave their houses without special coats and heatpads and whatnot. this is because they are lizards. they also hate wintertime because it seems that MAMMALS are more powerful during it. the lizard people are incredibly weakened, but those disgusting mammals just keep on going, unhindered by the cold because of their fur and fat and warm blood. terrible violent Orca raids are more common during the winter months.

The game i will soon be playing in this setting happens in a certain region. here are some country descriptions for a handful of the nations that can be found in this region
  • THE CITY-STATE OF KARM: very industrial and small nation-state, government watches all actions done, but isn't too harsh with punishments. mysterious waste dumping facilities are inhabited by weird creatures and esoterically-thinking directors
  • POINT UNPLEASANT: very controlling and authoritarian dictatorship, very arid and just generally unpleasant. the government is hiding many secrets
  • THE IMPERIUM OF HYBERIA: empire currently in a renaissance. filled with new marvels of pre-industrial engineering, even miraculous personal vehicles! what powers all these devices?
  • THE WIZARD COURTS (of Xigzaea and of Xigzuu): two twin nations, owned by rival sibling wizards who hired extradimensional weirdos, freaks, and mercenaries to help them destroy the other wizards
  • DRAUGR: immense empire of the undead to the north
  • THE NATION OF ATH: athiest country, killed their god and now live within it
vampires are made from a living being "infected" with a semi-intelligent black ichor/ooze, known as CONCENTRATED VAMPIRISM. this slime replaces all of their blood, and gives them weird weaknesses and maybe a handful of powers. there are many different strains of the plague, but all of them make the body nigh-immune to pain and damage. The different strains of the vampire ooze all have extremely different weaknesses and powers (examples will be present in an upcoming post of random generators). anything can become a vampire. unintelligent animal vampires are known as CHUPACABRAS. Vampires do not necessarily have to consume blood, but they are compelled to eat meat and blood, and they must introduce the slime into the bloodstream to reproduce. 

DEMON is a general term for "weird thing from somewhere i am not familiar with". these include space aliens, wizard creations, extradimensional weirdos, members of other species, and Those People with the Weird Beliefs from Over the Mountain. DEVILS are a specific kind of creature. devils are from Hell. hell is not the afterlife. You can get to hell by just digging really, really deep. Hell is a a weird pocket dimension that can be accessed from anywhere in the universe by digging very deep. devils live here, and come in a monstrous and terrifyingly weird spread of variation (devil generator forthcomingg). Devils have no concept of mortality or impermanence, as they are all always reborn if they are ever destroyed. almost all things in hell is a living Devil, and most Devils are intelligent enough to speak.

THERE IS MORE THAT WILL COME i might make general posts like this to help me remember, there will be more extravagant posts however

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