Thursday, December 31, 2015


the world with no name has FIVE MOONS which orbit the planet.

the largest of the five moons, and also the centerpiece of a major religion. this moon looks brown and green and grey from below, and that is because it is all those colors. The Graveyard is a the physical location of the god/being/force of the same name, filled with dead, dying, and decaying things of all sorts from all places from all ages. more regarding this moon is forthcoming.

a medium-sized moon, grey and brown and pocked with crater holes. this moon is home to the lycanthrope worms, which turn normal lizard people into the disgusting werewolves. these things writhe in the dirt of the moon, and when they are introduced to animal creatures from the planet below, a pandemic of violence and mammalian features will break out below.

the surface of this medium-sized moon is a bright and vibrant green. most of the people in the world believe that the greenness is from heavy forestation, and that the moon is vibrant with life of all sorts. in reality, ven is a desolate land, dominated by algae-filled water and earth, but it is hard to differentiate the two. it is inhabited solely by agents of the moon itself, humanoid and otherwise creatures made from algae. They sometimes will extend a tower of algae down onto the planet to steal away and sneak around for their own unknown means.

this incredibly small moon flits and flies around the skies during both the night and day. its orbit is so fast that it can move completely around the planet in a matter of hours. There are rumors of creatures who move and think so fast so as to be completely alien, but these are typically disregarded as sensational stories. the reality of what is on this fast moon is much stranger.

ichtho is dominated completely by water, with the actual crust being very, very far below. it experiences seasons similar to the world, but in an opposite direction to the world below. it experiences winter when we have our summer, and the surface of the moon freezes. it experiences summer when we have our winter, and the surface is pure liquid. sometimes shapes can be seen, swimming and writhing under the surface of the astral ocean. what weird alien sea-life lives up there is unknown to even the most conjectural scientists and theorists.

SPACE TRAVEL is not too widespread. most travel to other worlds is through strange dimensional hoo-ha and magic, but some travel through the void of outer space is possible. some more industrial nations are sending expeditions to the moons, including an upcoming expedition to LUPINUS set forth by the government of the city state of karm. of course, travel with spacecraft to farther parts of the universe is possible, but with most of the present technology and magic it would take forever and ever to get beyond the star the world orbits around. however, some places in the universe have different, more advanced techniques of spacecraft and space travel, with the ability to take a risk by traveling extremely quickly or by bending the fabric of reality to get to further and further places. one such place is the galaxy of ANDROMEDA, where many intergalactic species of creatures thrive together thanks to advanced, more scientific and technological ways of space travel.

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