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since the DWARFLAND is blasted and wasted from construction and destruction, dwarfs will sommetimes send expeditions into other worlds to build and build and build. These expeditions will always have at least one Mother with them. They will bring with them tools from the dwarfland, brought in massive and weird caravans pulled by Pack Dwarfs (dwarfs which have volunteered their services and have had their anatomy augmented to pull things and carry things).

DWARFS DO NOT truly HAVE A RELIGION. they have no time to hail any sort of god or spirit or saint or whatever, because they are just so busy building things. However, the dwarfs believe that the first of dwarfkind were crafted long ago by some sort of AllMother (or Mega-Mother, Queen of Dwarfkind, Mistress of Construction, etc.) they do not hail this parent, but take extreme offense if any insult her

some leading theories on the Creation of Deros:

  • Deros are born from a dwarf who has become Drunken
  • Deros are made from only half-finished dwarfs crafted by a Mother
  • Deros are Dwarfs possessed by some sort of Daemon
  • deros are created when a Dwarf or other Creature insults the AllMother
  • deros are created from Dwarfs who fail to turn a resource into a new object
HOBBITS are from societies and cultures of feral and runaway babies, toddlers, and children. they do not age. they do not die. they have stunted skills and weird perspectives. they are unknowingly violent and destructive. They often steal away children and babies to turn into even more HOBBITSES. hobbits are sometimes called Halflings, Lost Children, Feral Babies

think the lost boys from peter pan, but still wearing the fancy clothing of a normal fantasy hobbit (or they are completely naked)
aarg itll kill ya
GOBLINS are all the gross and weird things that society just really doesnt like. these are usually small and gross. these are usually promptly kicked out of the said society and forced to live on the fringes in wastelands and sewers and garbage dumps. these usually also embrace that existence and fully transition over to just loving garbage and rats and killing things. many different types of creature are called goblin by others, and thus they all consider themselves to be one and the same, despite possibly vast species differences. Exampls of Goblins include:
  • Garbage Elementals
  • Mining Spirits (ie: kobalds)
  • Greenskins (think ur run of the mill goblins and orks)
  • Snotlings
  • ratmen
  • junkbots
  • grave motes
  • feral babies
  • talking dogs
  • monkeys
sometimes folks will call the more human-sized goblins orcs, but goblin is technically the proper name for this weird culture of many different species

THE BLOOD VIAL can be used for healing, but with the chance of failure if used incorrectly. When one uses a blood vial to heal one's self, roll 1d8. If you roll a 1-4, subtract that number from the hp, but if you roll higher, add the number minus 4. If the user is trained in medicine, the chance of failure is brought down to 2 in 8, and thus the maximum amount of hit points gained is also increased (instead subtract 2, rather than 4). it can also be used to distract more sanguivorous creatures
THE BLOODSHOT EYEBALL can be used to see into paralllel dimensions and worlds. Only 13 such eyes exist, each corresponding to a different dimension. they release light like a lantern, and all things illuminated by the weird light is shown from that world's perspective. Light is only emitted from the pupil side of the eyeball.
THE ASHEN CHILD is a singular object, who must have, long ago, been some royal's child or servant boy, but who also has many features of a small mummy monkey. THE ashen child can be pointed at someone, and then it will whisper a single secret of that someone into the holder's ear
the QUEENLY FLESH are large meaty and veiny organs, constantly wriggling and oozing red and clear gunk and muck and fluid. they feel IMPORTANT for some reason. If one swallows a piece of queenly flesh they can integrate complete into the strange and exclusive circles of royalty and of nobles, and they can effortlessly follow their confusing conversations, for as long as the squirming meat is digesting

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