Sunday, December 20, 2015


AMPHISBAENA are completely mundane and natural creatures. their two-headed nature was evolved to allow for more trickery with the hunting of their preferred prey-the mouse. a mouse expects a single fanged head of a serpent, but when there are two it isn't able to leave its burrow without being bitten. a good and valuable adaptation for a predator.

Amphisbaena are creatures sacred to Jujuvinia, Ahjaxian saint of poison, innocent assassins, and small knives. many say that they were crafted by the saint herself, from discarded snakeskin, four slivers of glass, and other holy materials. Holy followers of Jujuvinia are able to create their own amphisbaena using her techniques, but they are never quite right.

amphisbaena were made long ago by the elves, to be used in weirdly complex assassination attempts. that's why they can stiffen into a rod, poisoned fangs at either end. they were made to be living daggers. how and why they are no longer in use by the elfin murderers is a mystery.

Amphisbaena are completely mundane and natural creatures. their second head is, in reality, a FALSE head, evolved only as a ruse for much larger and more dangerous predators. it cannot bite, and if it is cut off it will regrow within a few days.

Amphisbaena are a metaphor for the nature of lizard people. they have two heads because the people of the world have two sides to their personality; a side that they show the world and a side that they show none. Some more confusing philosophers claim that there are actually three or even four sides to a personality, and thus there are three or four-headed amphisbaena.

amphisbaena are a kind of serpentine animal spirit, who serve any number of reptilian snake-gods. you can find them squirming through the mud and dirt of the spirit forest.

If you cut an amphisbaena in half, it will split off into two normal snakes.

If you cut an amphisbaena in half, it will die just like any other beast or serpent.

Amphisbaena and Hoop Snakes are connected in some way. maybe amphisbaena are what hoop snakes grow up into?

there is a subspecies of Winged Amphisbaena that you can find in The Southlands. the Crocmen talk of how much they love hunting it, and everybody can trust the Crocmen!

amphisbaena are creatures associated with the Allied Pantheon. their two-headed forms mirror the neverending and always changing cycle of everything. followers of those gods claim no connection to them, but nobody can trust them (the high council of the concordance of Ahjax says so!)

Amphisbaena are a kind of alien demon, who take a more mundane form to watch us. if you hear a clicking and whirring when in the woods, you are being watched by the camera-eyes of these two-headed serpents.

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