Monday, December 28, 2015


witch lilies are green knobbly plants that grow on the murky waters of this wildland. they are tipped by a conical fruit which tastes sour, and can be powdered/cut up/boiled/whatever to turn it into a drug which can give the eater magical powers for a time.
pyramid blossoms are pyramid-shaped flowers which are produced by trees with the appearance of yellow or green mangroves. the hidden inside world are the homes of the PYRAMID MONKEYS.

tomb monkeys are scrawny, almost hairless things which swim and trawl through the stagnant water, eating fallen plant matter and the slimy underwater flora. they are called so because of their prominence on the PESTILENT ISLAND and because of their proclivity to crawl through corpse-laden areas, feeding on the fungus and plants growing in the cadavers.
pyramid monkeys are rarer creatures than the tomb monkeys. they crawl through the branches of the pyramid blossom trees, and live within the large pyramid blossom fruit. they have dry yellow skin and are completely hairless.

marrow falcons are large yet thin pale birds which roost in the upper branches of the trees that cover this swampy wildland. they fly down to prey upon creatures in the water below, breaking their bones to weaken them and (later) get to the marrow within.
machine lynxes are aquatic creatures. they are truly like small submarines, stylized as if they were big cats. they eat mostly small fish, but will fire upon low-flying birds and swimming monkeys with their ranged claws and teeth.
flayed gorgons are intelligent and humanoid. they use this intelligence to their advantage, as they are the most effective and powerful predators in the entire biome. they look like a lithe humanoids with heads of short prehensile tentacles (some say snakes), but with no skin. this is their most fatal of weaknesses, as they are always susceptible to pain.

totem gulls are very small birds which swarm around the sites of MARROW FALCON kills, snatching at the rotting meat and taking away what few bones are left to be incorporated as parts of their nests. they carve these bones with their beaks to decorate them.
river urchins are small ghoulish humanoids that look like grimy children. even though they eat rotting materials and meat primarily, they are constantly battling with the tomb monkeys for their food sources. they swim through the dirty water just like the tomb monkeys do, but they are also fond of trawling and crawling through more solid mud. there is a population of them on the PESTILENT ISLAND, kept by the flayed gorgons there.

every night, when the stars shine above the one spot in the wildland open to the sky, the celestial imp descends. this creature floats in the air, and it looks like a chubby baby with the head of a small bird. it shines in the night, and it is obsessed with the cleaning of the wildland, making it pristine and orderly. however, all of the creatures in this biome are very opposed to this, especially the ones that live in the PESTILENT ISLAND, which is the one spot open to the sky.

the frozen summit is a pile of once rotting garbage, corpses, and fallen trees to the northern edge of the wildland. now it is frozen, and home to relatively little life. however, a small population of tomb monkeys crawls on its surface.
the silver fountain is a spring of surprisingly clean water. the celestial imp loves this place, but most animals avoid it because of the high concentration of MACHINE LYNXES
baker's clearing is the gathering place of a cacophony of river urchins who have learned some spoke word. their favorite words to say are typically swear words and the word "baker", which they screech from the muddy riverbanks.
the pestilent island is the disease-filled home of a large family of FLAYED GORGONS who mastermind and manipulate the bestial creatures of this wildland to their agenda. they keep a breeding family of RIVER URCHINS as servants, and they are stalwart enemies to the CELESTIAL IMP. their raw flesh is pocked with open sores and seeping pus-filled pimples from their many illnesses

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