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most parts of the world (and specifically the region my game will take place in) use a semi-unified coinage system, which is listed below:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Owls
  • Fungi
  • Slaves
  • Huntsmen
  • Questing Beasts (or Quests)
a mouse is a copper coin, with the image of a small rodent emblazoned on it
a Rat is a larger brass coin, with the picture of a huge fat rat carved in it
an owl is about the same size as a brass rat, but instead made from silver. the image on it is usually the face of an owl
Fungus coins are made from Palladium, an alloy of mostly silver and some gold, and usually with the image of a mushroom upon them
slaves are gold coins. they have the picture of a lizard person's head carved on them (or a member of a different species in older coins (typically orcas or gorgons in such examples).
a huntsman is a coin made from gold, silver, and copper. it is green in hue. They are decorated with the image of an armed ranger or hunter
a QUESTING BEAST is the most valuable of coins. it is made from platinum, and it is carved with the most famous Questing Beast at the time of minting, or the Questing Beast of the area.

The exchange rate is as follows:
  • 1 Mouse
  • 1 Rat=50 Mice
  • 1 Owl=2 Rats=100 Mice
  • 1 Fungus=50 Owls=100 Rats=5,000 Mice
  • 1 Slave=2 Fungi=100 Owls=200 Rats=10,000 Mice
  • 1 Huntsman=50 Slaves=100 Fungi=5,000 Owls=10,000 Rats=500,000 Mice
  • 1 Quest=2 Huntsmen=100 Slaves=200 Fungi=10,000 Owls=20,000 Rats=1,000,000 Mice
one can exchange any of these coins for what they are named after, or vice versa. So someone with 1 copper mouse coin can exchange it for a live or cooked mouse, and the literal mouse can also be used as a currency. Slave coins used to be exchangeable for slaves, but that is sort of frowned upon these days, and it is now typically used to buy the services of some professional. Huntsmen will typically be used to hire some powerful adventuring specialist. you cannot buy a Questing Beast, but if you catch a questing beast it can be exchanged for a platinum coin. usually, the side that doesn't have the coin's namesake on it will be carved a different way for each country or nation.

Other currencies from around the world include:
  • Draugr Anatoma
    • different parts of the body of a creature are used as currency in the undead empire of Draugr
  • Undine Corals and Birthrights
    • the coins used by the aquatic amazon race (the Undine) are carved from different species of coral. they will usually have a hole bored through them, for ease of transport (on a belt or string). The most expensive currency of the many undine empires are Birthrights, which are goods promised to a child upon hatching, and are all worth more than simple coins. They are exchanged abstractly
  • Unpleasant Dollars
    • The terrifying and terrible dictatorship that is Point Unpleasant uses a sort of paper money, which is pieces of flexible cardboard painted with the current demagogue's face, or some kind of important historical event. Some say that these dollars hide SECRET MESSAGES
  • Monitor Hisses
    • The SECRET currency of the hidden culture and society of the monitor hounds. made entirely out of sound and hissing, and exchanged abstractly
  • First Nation Tablets
    • Ancient clay tablets, very large. carved with a hole in the center for easy transport, and with poems inscribed on the edges. worth a FORTUNE if any are found
  • Coins that are Holy in the Eyes of Ahjax
    • These are any kind of coin/dollar/whatever that has been sanctified by a priest/prophet/saint/demigod/whatever of Ahjax, in the Nation of the Concordance of Ahjax. they are worth as much as they were before becoming holy when in the Nation, but when outside of it they are worth 3 times as much to an Ahjaxian. all currency must be holy to be used in the Nation of the Concordance of Ahjax

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