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the races of the other world with no name

The following are the most prominent races present in the other world with no name (or lizard world, for reference purposes), which is the planet that the last post is set in

The Lizard People
the most prominent race in the world. they essentially function as this planet's version of humans, but since mammals are extremely rare and always exceedingly violent and disgusting, humans are not present at all. there are many different cultures, ethnicities, subspecies, etc., just like humans

Since they are extraterrestrial in origin, they can be found on many different worlds. However, I have already written about them. a lot. Just think alien almost humanoid sadists, and you have the majority of what they are down.

Dark Elves (Drow)
the Dark Elves are the opposite of elves in every way. they are pacifists, instead of living in space they live underground and on the ocean floor, they are exceedingly religious (elves are all athiests), and they have inverted color palettes. for every elf alive, there is a mirror dark elf that hides away somewhere underground, worshiping the center of the world. think inverted color palette pacifist evangelical christians who worship the center of the world. Sometimes they will mutate into the terribly inverted nilbogs.

the homonculi are created by wizards, witches, cultists, alchemists, priests, etc. for many purposes. They are small creatures of flesh, brought to life through some arcane means, and augmented for some purposes by their creators. they are different from golems in that a golem is a hunk of material puppetted by esoteric and eldritch forces, whereas a homonculus is an actual living creature of flesh and blood (although they do tend to have unnatural abilities, and all have regenerative properties). If you cast dispel magic on a golem, it would fall apart. If you cast dispel magic on a homonculus, nothing would happen, for now they are living creatures.

Robots are created by roving factories that swallow all of the resources that they come across and produce artificial beings that they drop off while crawling. They are made of stone, metal, plastic, wood, bone, and many other sorts of material, and they are powered by some mysterious energy. They can look like anything, and are usually made for some specific use, though that use is usually not known by the robot.

The K'Kladorf
k'kladorf are a race of eyeless giant mole crickets that live underground. They see the world through their sensitive hairs and antennae, and speak with a clicking and clacking insect language. They are hoarders of all materials/goods/items, which don't necessarily have to be valuable, and they are very paranoid at all times. They revere those who go up to the surface as heroes, like how we honor astronauts, and they are incredibly individualistic. K'kladorf enclaves/holds don't have a true leader, because each cricket believes themself to be the leader.
most orcas probably look like this

The Orcas
Orcas are semi-humanoid, larger than a human intelligent whales from The Wall of Whales. They have mouths filled with ravor-sharp teeth, and come in many sorts, ranging from smaller dolphin-men to great blue whale ogres. They are all obsessed with violence and with killing things, and that is truly all that they live for. Also they are famous for their "sexual depravity".
This was drawn by my friend xenon, whose art can be found at!

Werewolves come from the moon. Or, rather, one of the moons. They are a strange "mutant" kind of lizard person, changed by alien parasitic worms into some kind of mammalian predator, somewhere between a hound and a person, or maybe (though less common), some other mammal and a person. They are incredibly varied, even in the same familial group, and the disease can be passed down from parent to child. However, these worms are newly introduced, and thus only newly infected first generation werewolves exist.

The Vermis
The Vermis are undead creatures. They are made when a living being is eaten by worms, who absorb the person's consciousness and wish to continue that person's life, as an undead conglomeration of worms and bugs. Some say that there are more mindless versions of these creatures that are made through other means, such as druidic magic, the powers and influence of The Graveyard, or by some collective consciousness of a group of creatures.

Gorgons are intelligent mammal-like reptiles with incredibly powerful venom and poisonous skin. Some say that the venom and poison of a gorgon can turn you to stone, but this is almost completely unfounded. Their venom/poison paralyzes whoever is subjected to it. They will usually walk on all fours, but can walk in a more upright fashion for a short time.

The Cadavers are undead creatures, in a similar vein to the Vermis, though they are more of a being's corpse rather than the creatures that fed upon a being. If something can die and leave behind a corpse, it can become a Cadaver. Cadavers will usually be rotting meaty creatures, preserved dead flesh, or a dusty and ancient skeleton, though any kind of dead thing at any point of decomposition or preservation is an option. Unlike the Vermis, cadavers usually forget their past lives before death, or only have the faintest of recollections of them.

Undines are a race of aquatic amazons, of a sort. They are an all female race of fish people who have formed many warring empires and nations underwater, and even some that crawl up onto land. When underwater, they appear to be dunkleosteus, but with great variety of skin tone and other such features (some might have bright red hair-like gills coming forth from their heads). When above water, they take on a humanoid form, but they retain the toothy and bony faces of those antediluvian aquatics. They are violent, but in a more military style, rather than the Orca type of brutal combat.

is this game a gonzo game?? yes

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