Monday, January 18, 2016

weirder classes: the BARD

the basic concept of the bard works well as an adventurer. its based off of the historical traveling minstrels, who would look for heros n whatnot to sing stories about to their lord or lady, but when there was no work they would just steal whatever they could. so they have a pretty good concept that has a good reason to adventure, but thats just not WEIRD enough

bards sing about stuff. FLUTERS OF THE COSMOS play the alien music of otherworldly things, invoking unnatural power with their dissonant and chaotic sounds

what kind of music you play and what kind of magic you use is based off of what spirit, daemon, alien, or godling you serve. some dance in parlor fashion, tooting on a flute from down below. some scream and shout anarchic things in the name of some daemon. others play artificial beepings and dissonant sounds. just in general you are gonna play really weird music, and youll have to do favors for whatever thing you serve

HIT DICE: d6 (+1/level after 9th)
SAVING THROWS: +2 to cosmos and dexterity, -2 to strength (or as cleric)
WEAPONS: dagger, other weapons based off of boss
ARMOR: light armor
MAGIC ITEMS: musical instruments, weapons, scrolls
XP to LEVEL 2: 2,250

fluters of the cosmos have the following class features:

  • if you are able to make noise in some way that your boss likes, you are able to invoke their power. this functions as a reaction roll, with +2 if it is a kind of sound that your boss likes, and the ability to spend points of dexterity or cosmos on your performance.
  • you are able to TURN creatures as a cleric by making a huge ruckus of noise. if such creatures are serving your boss, you control them instead
  • you are much more skilled at social interactions, especially with creatures relating to your boss.
  • after level 9, you may choose to join the cacophonous ensemble or orchestra of your boss, leaving the game as a character, but being able to influence the effects of the actions of the party, in a similar way to the Guardian Spirit class over at goblinpunch, with the whole party as your ward

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