Saturday, January 23, 2016


the CITY-STATE OF KARM is a very industrial nation, which is also the starting location for the players in my game. in the big capital city of the nation there sits the huge toad of the government, which isnt even a true government at all. the rulers of the city are the huge corporate bodies of the GUILDS, which used to facilitate trade in the villages that became the city, but are now bloated on money and workers. they control the city with their vice-like grip on the economy, but it is a constant power struggle between the many faction-like guilds for the ability to truly rule the town. all guilds are somewhat akin to warring factions or criminal syndicates, the members of each guild skilled in fighting and filled with hatred against the other guilds, and the city is always in a cold war between the guilds, sometimes exploding into Guild War every so often.

a note on dungeons in the city-state: all "true" dungeons were cleared out long ago by agents of the guilds, meaning that there are empty castles, caves, tunnels, and complexes littered about the city-state. the only dungeons in it then are the occasional monster nest, as well as the two municipal dungeons where the guilds drop off their waste. however, destroying the municipal dungeons would net you guild punishments

examples of guilds and their members are below:

THE GUILD OF CUBE-CARVERS are ruled by an old and crotchety gorgon who hides his identity by wearing a large box-mask. he is obsessed with the shape of cubes, and so he orders his servile guild-members to carve any and all materials they obtain into the shapes of cubes. guild members wear cube helmets and boxy armor, and are particularly skilled in the fighting style of boxing. they hate the GUILD OF SPHERE-MAKERS

THE GUILD OF WOODCUTTERS are a small guild, isolated by the other guilds to the outskirts of the city and to the lumber woods where the lumberjacks work. they will typically wear flannel clothes that hide the thick wood underneath, but they are not very popular. they like to handle axes.

THE GUILD OF BASKET WEAVERS all wear woven grasses for clothing and hats. they are very acrobatic, and due to how ubiquitous they are they are able to afford very nice things. their guildmaster, a fat lizardwoman named vurek, wears basket-clothes of golden thread and fine amber jewelry.

THE GUILD OF WAX-DRIPPERS do not craft candles, rather they use candles. the higher up in the ranks you are, the more candles will burn unendingly on your skin. their guildmaster is almost immobile due to all of the wax which covers her.

THE ETERNAL BANKING GUILD, FIRST DIVISION are militaristic bankers. they have uniforms of fine silks which cover heavy metal armaments. they carry their Master Banker in a great golden tank which is equipped with the ability to fire coins.

THE HABERDASHER'S GUILD craft buttons and ribbons and other fanciful things. they are led by a huge red knight that carries a great ribboned sword, and employs 5 by 5 buttoned squires.

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