Tuesday, January 5, 2016


THE SPECULARIUM OF KANEZ was once a thriving city, filled with hustle and bustle and all sorts of noises of life. now not a single person lives here, for they have all been converted into an extreme energy source for the powerful wizard KANEZ, who hides and crawls through the alleyways of this place, constantly marauded by the indistinct voices of the folks who have become nothing but magical energy forced into his flesh. he is fearful and paranoid, and almost never uses his nearly limitless power for fear of what the long gone people will do. the streets have become home to gangs of monitor hounds who are very bold about their secret society, for they have nothing to hide from a wizard who is too afraid to do anything but weep and grovel at the mercy of his own energy source.

THE ELFIN CITY OF MANMEAT is an anarchic mockery of a metropolis. it is simply the largest of the many elf-cities which dot the surface and underground of the world like horrific fever dream-esque pimples. the elves from this place are pale and with long, stringy black hair. their teeth look like the teeth of the sharks which swim through the rivers of the place, and which are fought by many elves with free time. their eyes glow in the darkness, and they are able to craft weapons from garbage of equal caliber to the best crafted weapons of the best smith. there is a mayor, and there are elections, but the mayor is just whomever has had the meat-crown on the longest, and the elections are closer to all-out brawls. for some unknown reason, the elves of this city hate each other with a passion completely unknown to all other elves. could this be connected to their wish to construct a city and their surprising immunity to iron?

THE ISLAND OF TIPHANYA is dominated by a great fortress, and within this huge hulking walled citadel there is a community of monks of some seemingly long dead faith, having survived the armageddon which befell the rest of their community through what they claim to have been "pure faith" and "the will of the gods". the actual nature of their religion is completely unknown, as they assume that the apocalypse was to eradicate all non-believers and leave only those who truly believed, and so think that everybody who visits is a follower of their faith.

NEKROMANTIA is the most important necropolis that can be found worldwide, barring only the expansive DRAUGR EMPIRE. nekromantia is ruled by the Thawed Queen, a massive and seemingly mammalian creature that is of some long dead race, which only lived during the VILE MAMMAL AGE (Ice Age). she is stuck within a block ice, slowly melting, and she is only able to interact with the world beyond through her speeches and ravings to her undead servants and subjects. nekromantia is built on a mountain, home to innumerable graves from innumerable ages. it is also the place where one can get the closest to the moon of THE GRAVEYARD in the entire world, as it is the tallest peak, and a very important location for that god-moon. the undead of nekromantia tend to not interact often with any other societies, with the exception of their far-away sister nation of draugr.

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