Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the NEW GOBLIN, the ORC, and the BUGBEAR

before, i have stated that goblins are a monstrous subculture of all manner of strange beings. such a subculture exists, and they are often compared to the weird race of goblinkind, but they are more akin to all kinds of monsters and spirits that hide away in the societies of the world. goblins themselves are something different entirely. (with the Iconic DnD Races i am trying to make them more akin to weird spirits or beings which can be found in all kinds of environments. this is quite evident in my descriptions of the dwarfs, elves, feral children (hobbits), etc. and will continue to be the theme between such Iconic humanoid species)

goblins are small humanoid things. they are feeble and weak physically, filled with all manner of disease and poison which they could inflict on others. their skin is green and pocked with sores, their faces are ugly and monstrous, either something bestial, some caricature of old age, or something weirder. they are numerous and everywhere.

goblins evolve through consumption. if they kill and eat some living thing, they will begin to take on traits from it. these traits can be passed on down through the generations of goblinhood, creating many different creatures and strains of goblinkind. what some call Hobgoblins are goblins which ate a lot people. Goblin-Hounds are goblins which ate a lot of dogs. Kobalds are goblins which ate rocks or snatched the small mining spirits into their mouths. there are shiny gold goblins, rusty and impervious iron goblins, long-tailed monkey goblins, and goblin changelings (what do you think they ate to become that). to stay as a goblin, the goblin must eat undifferentiated garbage.

the goal of a goblin is to become some kind of Ultimate Being, all through the consumption of all that they possibly can shove into their mouth. goblins do not eat out of hunger, for they are never truly hungry. goblins only eat to reach their goal of evolution.

sometimes, a goblin will eat so much of a particular thing that they will become identical to that thing, with distinction between being nigh impossible. these people merge into the society, mimicking the culture and the people as well as they possibly can, but still working for the goblin folk, bringing them captive people so that they may become one themselves.

the nature of the goblins that are called Thouls is strange and shrouded by lies and semi-truth. they seem to be either the closest thing to a Perfect Being that the goblins have become, or they are goblin efforts to turn non-goblins into a goblin creature, twisting their bodies into weird forms with surgery, augmenting their biology with weird magic and science.

orcs are lithe and violent humanoids, with blue or green or red skin. they are obsessed with violence, for they see life as a literal game, with death and destruction as the most fun parts! if you die, you're gonna be reborn really quickly anyways, so it doesn't really matter.
orcs are like this but always super happy while slicing your head off with that ax

as orcs age, they get taller and taller. the oldest orcs are immense things that are called ogres. some of the most ancient of the orc things are as tall as mountains, with strange knowledge gathered from their millennia of existence. orcs follow anybody who is larger than they are, with no exceptions. orcish leaders are typically called The Tallest, or Big'uns.

there are many different tribes, enclaves, gangs, and armies of orcs. they fight and feud constantly, all for the sole reason that one tribe claims their leader is The Tallest and the other claims that their's is the Tallest. their solution to this is battle, and whoever wins obviously was bigger and badder

there is a stereotype that ogres are dumb brutes, nothing more than huge slabs of muscle and fat. this is most definitely not the case, as the tallest orcs (ogres) tend to be even more experienced than other orcs, making them more knowledgeable. the smaller orcs are the ones that are really not much more than savage brutes, in it for nothing more than fun.

bugbears are strange things. they are shape-changing creatures which hide in closets, under beds, outside windows, and in the darkened recesses of attics and basements. they take on fear-inducing forms, but for what reason people can only guess at. some say they eat fear, others say that they just do it for fun. they mutter and they make the floorboards creak. they are the things that move all of the stuff in your room while you are asleep. they are the things which gaze at you through the window, but which you claim to only be the boughs of some dying tree. they are the things that snatch away children in the night, and the things that crawl through hallways and through the walls, moaning and groaning.

what bugbears look like in their true forms is unknown. they change into any number of faces and of bodies and of skins. some may look like furry things with the head of a jack-o-lantern, others will look like meaty cows and horses but with something off. there are those with skin of cracked porcelain, and those who look like huge hulking hairy brutes. bat wings, fish fins, finger bones, yellow eyes, scaly skin, dirty fur, and suckered tentacles.

for some reason, the feeding habits of the bugbears are what most speak of them. some say that they are child-eaters, while others go broader and claim that they eat of the flesh of humankind. the above suggestion that they feed on fear is another common one, as is the idea that they do not eat at all, and instead are removed from the ecosystem entirely.

bugbears, though not a kind of creature that interacts with people very often beyond instilling fear and terror, are oftentimes found in the monstrous subcultures of hidden things that dwell in many settlements. however, since bugbears have unnatural shape-changing power, they are essentially indistinguishable from the many other monsters, goblins, faeries, undead, vampires, and mutants which belong to such cultures and frequent businesses that cater to the monstrous palette.

(i try to make all of the intelligent species that i create have a specific goal or motivation. dwarfs want to make stuff, elves want to tear the universe limb from limb, feral children want to do childish things and never age, goblins want to become a Perfect Being, orcs just want to have fun (and get taller while doing it), bugbears want to cause fear, k'kladorf want to isolate themselves, cadavers (might) want to find out who they were in life, werewolves and vampires want to reproduce, orcas want to steal and pillage, etc.)

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