Friday, January 15, 2016

things you can KILL WITH and things that STOP YOU from BEING KILLED

of course, im talking about Weapons and Armor, collectively called Armaments.

the rules i use for weapons in my games (and system) are based on the weapon's size. unarmed battle is only 1D4, small hand weapons are 1D6 damage (stuff like daggers n small clubs). bigger arms, like swords and axes and shotguns deal 1D8. the REALLY big stuff, like broadswords and whatnot deal 1D10. if its like a cannon or something just use a save and if they fail they die, if they win they take like 1D8. ya dont really need to write down the damage of things, just know how big and bad it is.

for armor, since armorclass isnt something in my games, armor is a dmg reduction. light armor subtracts 1 damage, medium subtracts 2, heavy subtracts 3. there is some with an armor score of like 4+, but you cant really buy that with your money. if, after damage reduction, its 0 or below, you take no damage (if its negative you dont heal why would you??). your amount of armor points also reduce your movement, meaning you subtract your armor points from your DEX score

if you just keep the same damage dice and damage reduction, the armaments can be anything!


Obsidian Sacrificial Knife (D6 damage)
useful for magic stuff, plus ya can pass off as a cultist and get into their secret gatherins. also easily concealable yay. however, people dont like things that look like cultists. you can get it from nekromancers, cultists, and people that wanna look edgy and metal. shiny

Teething Rifle (D8 damage)
ranged. living thing that is always shedding teeth, needs to eat to produce more "ammo". meat can be covered with metal and wood so it looks like a normal gun. takes extra food resources that the party needs. ya can get it from vivimancers or from strange alien factories.

Grendel's Arm (D10 damage)
long reaching. giant monster arm, must be grafted to body to use with any accuracy. weird monsters (especially giants) will either accept you as one of their own or hate you bc of your monster "murder" (no in between). found in monster graves, dungeons, pulled off of giants

Sorcerer Cage (D8 damage)
ranged. a small wizard-spirit in a cage, cast spells with some poking and prodding. nature of spell-attack will vary, but only function as an attack roll. if it ever gets free, wizard-spirit will hate you so so much and try to kill you.

Pistol (WITH BAYONET) (D6 damage)
ranged (and melee). really just sorta a normal gun, you can get special bullets and whatnot for it tho.
he looks worried

really big sword, but also on fire. this fire could spread to things hit with it, it also could not. people will both find you really cool, but they will also really sorta dislike you bc you could catch everything oh fire why in hell is you sword on fire


Armor People (2 armor points)
these people just really want to be on your body for some reason. they are probably really small, so a lot of them can fit, huddled on your body. if you take enough damage, they will die and fall off. this is your fault

Layers Upon Layers (1 armor point)
why are you wearing so much clothing? well it allows for some protection, i guess. if you are attacked by a blunt attack, damage is reduced as normal, but slicing attacks will eventually completely destroy your armor-clothes.

Something Edgy and Heavy (3 armor points)
ow the edge. could you even fit more spikes and skulls on your shoulder pads and knee pads? well anyways, this stuff will either instill fear in your enemies (which is your goal) or it will instill humor in your enemies (which is not your goal), based on how over-the-top it is

Symbiotic Slime (2 armor points)
the slime is thick and protects both it and you from much damage. it must be fed, or else it will begin to feed on you, and any creature that touches it is damaged.

Garbage Armor (2 armor points)
you cobbled this together from garbage of lots of different kinds. might be smelly, might attract bugs and rats.

The Armor of The Famous Knight (3 armor points)
how did you even get ahold of this? it musta been really expensive. it used to belong to a famous knight/dragon slayer/bounty hunter/general/whatever, and it has some real historical value! nothing else special though. its just armor

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