Saturday, March 21, 2015

Classes of the Supernatural Earth: The Barbarian

I use all classes in the DnD 5e Player's Handbook in the Supernatural Earth game. Each class will be dealt with separately in their own post, beginning with this one.

Barbarians are folk who follow ancient codes and rules from times of yore, passed down through generations or discovered recently, originating from supposedly "primitive" or "vulgar" groups of people. In exchange for following these ancient codes, they are given power over anger and rage by the spirits of their predecessors, being able to calm their emotions quicker than most, and to go into an uncontrollable rage that heightens their senses and strengthens their limbs.

Barbarians of the Path of the Berserker follow the rulings of the Mongol Hordes of Asia or the Berserker Norsemen. Those barbarians that follow this path gain even more control over their emotions, and the rage that they enter is stronger than the rage of a normal barbarian. There are many different varieties of berserkers, with some being very vulgar and violent, and others using their control over their emotions to become enlightened and stronger emotionally as well as physically.

Barbarians of the Path of the Totem Warrior follow codes made by Celtic Pagans or stolen from Native North Americans. For following the codes, they gain powers from a spirit in nature, usually in the form of an animal. They carry totems or fetishes, and though their rages weaken, they gain new powers in exchange.

Though they and the cultures they descend from are called barbarians by many, not many of them are barbaric. Another important note is that barbarians typically follow the codes of cultures they are descended from, so those descended from Mongols will follow the rulings of Mongol culture to gain their powers, and Celts follow their codes to gain their powers.

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