Saturday, March 14, 2015

First Post and My Campaigns

I really like some of these rig blogs, and I thought that some people might care about the dumb ideas that I make for my games. That's not really the point of this post though. The focus of this post is to talk about some of the games that I currently am running, or the campaigns that I am working on.

Campaign 1: Vantek
Vantek is the only campaign that I am currently running. It uses the dungeons and dragons 5th edition system, and really it doesn't have that many house rules. The way that I would describe it would be as a combination of high fantasy, science fantasy, and horror, but played by a group of selfish thieves and murderhobos. If you want to learn about the setting, I have an obsidian portal page about it here. I'm still working on the setting, even as my group is playing it, so the obsidian portal might seem very unfinished.

Campaign 2: Supernatural Earth
Supernatural Earth is my upcoming campaign that happens in an alternate history Earth in the years between 1840 and 1860. It also uses the dungeons and dragons 5th edition ruleset, but it will have many more house rules and augmentations. Everything in the setting is based on real-world mythology and folklore, with confusingly mischievous faeries and elves, more ritualistic magic, and the gods of ancient mythology, with a good smattering of Lovecraft and other late 1800s and early 1900s writers.

Campaign 3: The Megadungeon
The Megadungeon is another upcoming campaign that has changed its ruleset several times. When I first started working on it, I used an augmented version of the original version of dungeons and dragons, with pieces of labyrinth lord and lamentations of the flame princess, then I transitioned to using the dungeon crawl classics system, and now it is going to use a heavily modified version of dungeons and dragons 5th edition, changed to make it feel more like an old-school game. I really need to rename it, as "The Megdungeon" really isn't a good name. Its setting is one with plenty of horror elements, in a world where humanity and other races have just discovered a vast wilderness continent. Under the surface there lies a sprawling structure known only as The Megadungeon, and people come from all over the empires and nations of humanity, as well as members of other races and nations, to delve into the underground space for treasure and adventure.

I also have the concept for a campaign that I will use with my forthcoming Fantasmagoria ruleset, but since that system isn't finished yet, I won't discuss it. Most work that I will put here will be for one or all of these campaigns, and everything that I post here I will try to make several versions for many different rulesets, such as Labyrinth Lord, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, and Fantasmagoria.

Have a great day!

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