Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Races of The Megadungeon Part 2

I forgot to say this in the last one, but those first three are the only playable races at the very start of the game, and all following races either have to be discovered or are not playable.

From Brian Froud and Jim Henson's movie Labyrinth
Goblins are an incredibly populous and varied race commonly treated as a necessary evil by some, and as vermin by others. They are common enough in the nations and empires of humanity, but people, specifically humans, generally mistreat them. Nobody truthfully knows how they came to be, but there are many theories. Some say that they were mortal creatures spawned by a fae creature called the Goblin King from root vegetables such as turnips and carrots, while others, mostly clergy members, just say that they are unnatural abominations, probably descended from demons or something. They spoke of the race of orcs before humanity was introduced to them, and they claim that they were the creators of them. They are related to the race of hobgoblins.

Similarly varied, the stronger, taller, and rarer hobgoblins are generally treated as horrible brutes, and when people accept for jobs at all, they are almost always that of the more violent types, such as mercenary, soldier, or bodyguard. The first hobgoblins came into human-controlled lands from outside, and it is unknown where or why they appeared within humanity's land. They also spoke of the orcs before humanity was introduced to them, but they spoke of them more as equals rather than the way of the goblins, which was more like servants or slaves. When questioned about the creation of the orcs, they attempt to avoid the question, but always agree with the goblins about their origins. Nobody knows the origin of the hobgoblins, just like the race of goblins, and most theories stem from the theories for the goblins: they were grown from pumpkins or trees by the Goblin King, or they are stronger demons.

Orcs were not known to the empires and nations of humanity until after they arrived in the New World to explore the Megadungeon. They are just as varied as both the races of goblins and hobgoblins. Although it is universally agreed that the goblins created the orcs, what is not agreed upon is exactly how they were created. Even the goblins never want to talk about it, simply continuing to brag about their creation of them rather than actually speaking of how they were made. People theorize about this too: the Great Church states that orcs were made from humans, possessed by demons in some foul ritual, distorted and mangled from their previously normal form. Some people say they were mutated from farm animals and wildlife with magick, citing some orc's bestial features. Some say that they crafted in cauldrons or pools by goblin witches, servants of the Goblin King, but what they are crafted from varies (some say humans, others say they are made from corpses and the beasts consuming them). The orcs themselves hate to be reminded of their creation, and always try to change the subject.

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