Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Core Four Classes for The Megadungeon Campaign

The Cleric
Clerics are priests of The Great Church, with powers purportedly granted by The Great God of Order themselves. They all belong to The Great Church, but because of the great verity of splinter factions and denominations, they can vary a lot beliefs-wise. They must be Lawful.
Divine Domain Clerics can choose to have either the Light domain or the Life domain.
Additional Experience Clerics gain additional experience for showing reverence to The Great God of Order, such as tithes or by doing the wishes of a clergy member.

The Thief
Thieves are burglars, cutpurses, and thugs. They must begin as Neutral.
Roguish Archetype Thieves are rogues with the thief roguish archetype.
Additional Experience Thieves gain an additional 50% experience for every gp's worth of treasure that they steal. Taking unguarded treasure doesn't count as theft, and neither does killing the guard and then taking the treasure.

The Warrior
Warriors are soldiers, guards, or simply people who have trained themselves physically very much. They must begin as Neutral.
Martial Archetype Warriors are fighters with the champion martial archetype.
Additional Experience Warriors gain an additional 50% experience for being the combatant to deal the killing blow to an enemy.

The Wizard
Wizards are learners of the arcane arts, black magicks, vile rituals, or horrid spells. The Great Church states that they are heretics, evil, demon-worshipers, or monstrous. Their alignment changes with the more powerful spells they cast, becoming more and more Chaotic with each more powerful spell cast.
Additional Experience Wizards gain experience for doing magical research, such as copying spells into their spell book or examining magical or ancient artifacts. They gain experience equal to spell level x 10 when copying spells into their spell book, and experience equal to the value of the magic item in gold pieces for examining artifacts.

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