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The Nuckelavee

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The Nuckelavee
The nuckelavee is a faerie hailing from the folk tales of Scotland. It has the appearance of a man riding a horse, but the man is fused to horse at the hip, and it has no skin, only layers of veiny muscle and flesh. Some stories say that either the man or the horse only have one eye, or that instead of hooves, it has fins like a fish. The nuckelavee lives in the ocean, coming out only to spread a horrible disease called Mortasheen, which decays crops and kills farm animals, specifically horses, and chase men and women through the land. The nuckelavee cannot cross fresh water, such as lakes or rivers.
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The Nuckelavee for Labyrinth Lord
Note: I use the ascending AC system made by The Lizard Man Diaries for Labyrinth Lord. The number in parenthesis after AC is the number you have to hit to attack the creature. I also separate attack bonus from hit dice.

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 200' (66')
Armor Class: -1 (21)
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 3 (hoof/bite/claw, +5 hoof/claw, +3 bite)
Damage: hoof: 2d6, bite: 1d8, claw: 2d6+1
Save: MU19 (see below)
Morale: 12

The nuckelavee will either attack using a combination of the three attacks above, or they will release a cloud of the Mortasheen pestilence. Every creature around the nuckelavee must make a save vs. breath attacks or be caught in the diseased cloud. Every creature caught in the cloud takes an amount of damage equal to the current hit point total of the nuckelavee. A successful save vs. poison or death makes the attack deal half damage, rounded up. They also take 1d10 damage each round while still in the cloud, and 1d6 each round they are out of the cloud. Making a save vs poison or death halves the damage from the 1d10 while in the cloud, and makes you not take any more Mortasheen damage when outside of the cloud. A nuckelavee takes double damage when hit by an iron or iron-based weapon, and they take 1d6 damage when hit by salt. A nuckelavee can make a save vs. poison or death to halve the damage, rounded down. They save equal to a level 19 Magic-User, with the following exceptions: They have a breath attack save of 4, and a poison or death save of 14. The nuckelavee will run disappear or run away if hit many times by iron or salt, or if the characters cross a body of fresh water. It can be turned by clerics.
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The Nuckelavee for DnD 5e
The stat block for the nuckelavee for end 5e is forthcoming.

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