Saturday, May 2, 2015

DnD 5th Edition Gamma World!

I have been working on an update of Gamma World for 5e DnD for a good chunk of time now. It follows in the style of 7th edition Gamma World, which used 4e as its rule system. Normally I don't like 4e, but Gamma World 7e was simplified and i liked it! But I like 5e more, and so I am updating it for the 5e ruleset. There are a few changes, which I will detail below:

  • There are no races nor classes. You roll for 2 origins, which define what sort of weird mutant or critter you are. There are 2 kinds of origins: Primary and Secondary. Primary origins are built like classes, and you unlock more capabilities of them as you level up. Secondary origins are built like races, with static powers that either don't or rarely ever increase with level.
  • Alpha Mutations and Omega Tech were cards for GW 7e, which gave you temporary mutations or powerful ancient technology. I will still use the cards for this, but the statistics of the items must be updated for the 5e system.
  • Powerful and dangerous monsters. Monsters made for the GW game will be deadlier than their challenge rating implies, but this is because of your mutant powers from your origins, coupled with your gear, your Alpha Mutations, and your powerful Omega Tech.
When I am finished with the origins, Alpha Mutations, Omega Tech, and a handful of monsters, my group will start playing.
Have a great day!

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