Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Documents

I created a game recently, which I have titled Mutants and Machines of the Baffling Badlands, and which is a very simple and small post-apocalyptic RPG in the style of Gamma World, but with very simplistic mechanics. Really, its just a mixture of a few other games (mostly Mutant Future and this game created by Goblin Punch). It doesn't have built-in progression, because it's implied that that should be done in a roleplaying-type way (ie: if you want to increase your attack bonus, find someone to train you in combat. If you want to gain a psychic power, find the weird techno-mystic that'll cut open your head and put one inside.). It could easily be adapted to other sorts of settings, as this is next to the most bare-bones version of it. I might change the ability scores eventually, because I don't like how the normal DnD scores feel, and I've been having a problem with a mental defense ability score.

Here it is.

I'm gonna be working on stuff for this a lot. Eventually I'll make a monster book for it.

I also made a document of Synthexia, the amazing science-fantasy hexcrawl. This isn't different at all from the version on the website, but I made this so that I could read it when I don't have any wifi. I'll also probably make a lot of stuff for this as well.

Here's that.

So, there;s two documents that might be useful, as well as some promises of stuff that will appear in the future! Have a great day!

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