Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Angels and The Nephilim

Angels are creatures of divine radiation and nuclear fire. In their true forms, they are but clouds of atomic matter or blobs of alien energy, but they take physical forms to venture down to the planet’s surface. They follow unknown laws which they consider the rules and strictures of the cosmos, and they travel to planetary surfaces to punish those who do not follow their laws. They carry swords of radioactive light and shields of otherworldly glass, with bodies of gold and fire and steel, and innumerable eyes of many sorts. Some wizards and warriors enjoy the killing of angels, stealing their atomic fire for their own uses and leaving the strange shells behind, to be scavenged by raiders and monstrous beasts.

The Nephilim are strange creatures born of some combination of angel and mortal. Some of them were produced from the unlikely union of a divine and a person, whereas some others are wizards, scholars, or their servants who consumed the radiant power of an angel. They are gigantic, with skin made of some inorganic material such as stone, gold, or ivory, and radioactive fire within. They are incredibly powerful, and angels sometimes use them as mortal agents, which are named Saviours or Prophets.
The Nephilim
Hit Dice: d10
  • Being a nephilim costs 1 Adventure Point.
  • The die used to roll damage goes up by 1 die size, due to size and strength.
  • You roll saving throws to resist radiation twice, taking the better result.
  • Goes into a meditative state rather than sleeping, where questions that need to be answered are answered by the universe itself. The nephilim is aware of their surroundings while in this state.
  • Does not eat or drink, and rather consumes holy oils and incense.
  • You are able to speak with angels in their language, Enochian.
  • You are able to receive gifts from the divines in exchange for following their esoteric laws, thus making you a Saviour or Prophet.
  • You have -2 to-hit small creatures, and they receive a +2 to-hit you.
The Divine Laws
If you are a follower of these laws, and even if you are not, angels will descend from the heavens to punish you. Their strength will vary with the impact of the crime, with small ishim appearing for miniscule breaches, and great arch-angels descending to punish those who commit great crimes. If you go along with the punishment dealt by these angels, they will either incur some special penalty on you (if you are not a Prophet or Saviour), or remove your access to one of your powers (if you are a Prophet or Saviour). If you do not go along with the punishment, then they will attempt to kill you. As long as you are really good at killing angels, you can break these laws all you want.

There are way too many angelic laws to detail them all, but as a general guideline, just make them very strict and esoteric, with lots of restrictions and complex rituals.

The Angelic Order
All angels are equals in the infinite void of colorful space. However, they take on ranks when they take on physical forms. The ranks of angels are as follows (in order of weakest to strongest).
  1. Ishim
  2. Cherubim
  3. Bene Elohim
  4. Elohim
  5. Malakim
  6. Seraphim
  7. Hashmallim
  8. Erelim
  9. Ophanim
  10. Chayot Ha Kodesh
Statistics for each angel will be forthcoming, but you could just use whatever angel stats you want (just so long as Chayot Ha Kodesh are stronger than Ishim)

As a general rule of thumb, angels become more and more metaphysical and immaterial the higher up they go in rank. Ishim are uncanny humanoids, whereas Elohim are gaseous and Chayot Ha Kodesh might be no more than a spoken word or thought idea. However, once their task is done or if they are killed, they must leave behind something (a shell). In the lower orders, this is simply their body. But in the higher orders (such as the Chayot Ha Kodesh), the shell must be remembered by the killer for it to remain in the world, or it must be held within a container.

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