Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adventure Points and Some Characters

So I read this post over on rememberdismove about doing away with classes entirely, and I felt that it would fit very well with the system I created for Colorpocalypse, rather than having races and classes. So I will be creating things for this instead of classes. I want to include this with Mutants and Machines of the Baffling Badlands, but I am having difficulties reconciling random mutations and this system. Now, instead of selecting whether you want to be an engineer or a drug fairy or a person with a tv head, you mix and match features that you wish (many races have minor augmentations, and powerful races cost AP).

Also, here's some Colorpocalypse characters that use AP for character creation:
From Kill Six Billion Demons
Jung Cho the Rifle Witch

  • Has rifle-shoes that allow her to jump great distances (1 AP)
  • Proficiency in guns of all sorts (1 AP)
  • Is able to sense changes in the weather and communicate telepathically (1 AP)
  • Is incredibly agile and trained in ancient martial arts (1 AP)
CNN the Televisor
  • Has replaced face with television screen that shows shows and signals found in the ether. Can use powers derived from these signals, but has 1/2 charisma in social situations (2 AP)
  • Is able to see in darkness (1 AP)
  • Has device that they can tune to take control of creatures of signal and static (1 AP)
From Kill Six Billion Demons
Balaam the Saviour of Us All
  • Is a nephilim (powers and abilities will be detailed in a later post) (1 AP)
  • Has major control over fire and radiation (1 AP)
  • Is able to see in all directions (1 AP)
  • Can smite physical creatures (WIS save or be greatly harmed by subatomic might) (1 AP)
No-Skin the Birdcatcher
  • Is invisible, unless wearing clothing or having some substance on skin (such as paint or dust) (2 AP)
  • Is proficient in skills relating to the catching of birds, such as trap-setting and stalking (1 AP)
  • Can walk on rough terrain and sloping terrain with just as much ease as on flat ground (1 AP)

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