Thursday, September 15, 2016

The World With No Name Session 1 Report Part 1

So this game was like three weeks ago so i may be misremembering some stuff, but I'm going to be looking over my notes to jog my memory. This was the first time a couple of these people had ever played an rpg, and sadly one of my players wasn't able to come this first session, but everyone there got to make their characters at the start of the session. Edit: as it also turns out, this session had more stuff in it than I remembered, so I'm going to be splitting it up among multiple posts.

Cast Of Characters
Moon Frog, a Tocatl (humanoid fusion of a spider and a frog) with a massive sword
Costin, a half a foot tall homunculus with a pet monitor lizard
GRN 1000, a robot specially made for vacuuming
Maxie, a dark elf coming to the surface from her underground fungus plantation with some Charismatic Skills and a rifle
Jaru, a floriambler (mobile carnivorous plant that loves traveling) with magical power

So the session started with all of the above characters standing outside of a dingy shack in the hills, which they entered, searched around inside for a couple turns and found nothing, and then they found a hole in the back wall leading to an underground dungeon which they entered.

They all walk slowly down the old stairs, dirt crumbling down onto them and the wall being cut by the huge sword that Moon Frog wields. At the bottom of the staircase is a small room with a statue of a lizard person doing the baphomet pose. After searching the room and the statue for a bit, Moon Frog decided to lop off the hand pointed upwards. This ends up opening a secret door leading to a hallway just off the room, which ends in a small chamber containing nothing but a glass sphere holding 25 preserved owls. These are pretty valuable. The players figured out a way to break open the glass sphere without damaging the owls inside by breaking it and having GRN suck up as much glass as they could before it could damage the owls.

Back in the room with the statue, Maxie had the (actually very good) idea to break off the other hand of the statue to see if there were any other secret doors. However I did not have any other secret doors. Also however she decided that the best course of action was to shoot at the statue's hand with her rifle, which she then rolled poorly on and accidentally ended up shooting herself in the foot. Jaru used some medical knowledge and lucky rolls to wrap up the injured foot, but they were still limping pretty much for the rest of the dungeon.

After that fiasco, Jaru walked into the room to the south, disturbing the gambling that some tiny goblins made of bricks (which I call Brick Bogeys in my notes but which we just ended up calling Rowdy Brick Boys) were doing. They all pounced at them and started fighting, but didn't really do a whole lot and were ultimately defeated when some of the other players ran in and helped Jaru fight. After defeating the Rowdy Brick Boys, they grabbed up the meager change that they were gambling over and all walked into a hallway that lead to an adjoining room and another hallway.

When they walk closer to the other room, they begin to smell spices and delicious food. Inside of the kitchen is an undead Keeda (a race of human-faced worms) that is toiling over a cauldron and an oven, cooking stuff up. About half the party thought she was "super sketchy" as they put it, and the other half loved her almost on sight. I remember one player really loved her, but then she mentioned how she really wanted to eat the race that player was (floriambler) and then their opinion of her changed. Even if she was very divisive, they ended up giving her some of the preserved owls to turn into healing pies and one of them wanted to learn how to cook from her.

I don't remember exactly what happened to cause this, but I do remember that the group split in two over some squabble after that room. Moon Frog, GRN 1000, and Maxie went their own way while Jaru and Costin went in the other direction. The first group passed back through the gambling room and the statue room and then down another hallway, where they found the door to a room containing a toothy mouth in the floor which yelled at them to feed it. GRN 1000 shot pebbles down its throat, but it only became enraged after the third pebble and vomited forth tiny tongue goblins which fought the group. Some of them ganged up on the robot, corroding their metal with their spit, but ultimately the mouth was defeated by Maxie shooting at the mouth worm which had been hiding in the floor. It was after this that I finally rolled a random encounter, and their loud noises from the combat attracted what looked like two big fat rats. One of them clung to the clay plate armor that Moon Frog was wearing, and when Maxie tried to pry it off, its tail bit her in the face, surprising her and giving her a bleeding bite hole in the face. These weren't ordinary rats, but wormtails, rodents with toothy worms for tails, and while Maxie was bleeding out I believe Moon Frog broke the neck of the wormtail stuck to his armor and killed the other one, but the tails broke off and crawled away.

More next time...

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