Saturday, September 17, 2016

The World With No Name Session Report 1 Part 2

Cast of Characters
Moon Frog, a Tocatl (humanoid fusion of a spider and a frog) with a massive sword
Costin, a half a foot tall homunculus with a pet monitor lizard
GRN 1000, a robot specially made for vacuuming
Maxie, a dark elf coming to the surface from her underground fungus plantation with some Charismatic Skills and a rifle
Jaru, a floriambler (mobile carnivorous plant that loves traveling) with magical power

As maxie was being bitten in her face on one side of the dungeon, the homunculus Costin and the floriambler Jaru found two abandoned prison cells sitting right next to each other. They first went into the one to the west, seeing a skeleton chained up with a brass knife stuck in between its ribs, a sack lying in its lap. They felt that this was "really sketchy", believing either the contents of the sack to be dangerous or the knife to be cursed in some way. Trying to inspect the sack with Jaru's staff, they accidentally knocked a skull out of it, which made them think it was even more sketchy. As they were sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I rolled a random encounter: a giant harvestman!
The harvestman looked to have been attracted by the noise of the falling skulls, and the players took advantage of it by throwing rocks into the cell to attract into going in there. This was pretty good planning on their part, but sadly, as it turned out, some of the skulls in the sack were explosive, killing the harvestman when activated and throwing Jaru and Costin against the back wall. After the explosion died down, Jaru made sure to note that they gave most of it a proper burial (taking the legs for food).

However, even though they were hurt by the explosion and the giant harvestman was killed by it, some of the skulls contained treasure (coins and small gems) which were scattered about and they scrabbled about to pick up. After that, they went over to inspect the other prison cell.

This other abandoned prison cell really only contained two things: a tunnel in the wall which the once-occupant presumably escaped through, and an acid-spitting slug. They gave the slug some spices they stole from the chef Keeda to befriend it, and ended up taking it out of the dungeon afterwards and now it is their pet. After befriending the acid-spitting slug, which was used by the once occupant to tunnel out of the jail cell, they crawled through the tunnel and into another hallway.

As Jaru and Costin explored the abandoned prison cells and the tunnel out of them, the three other adventurers leave the mouth room through a door on the other side, Maxie bleeding from her face because of the wormtail bite. They walk through a stonebrick hallway to the south, eventually ending up in a small library which they positively loved, and ended up taking 6 different books from. These books use the grimoire system from Last Gasp Grimoire, but I don't really remember which post that was in.

After spending some time grabbing random books in the abandoned study-library, Moon Frog, GRN 1000, and Maxie move over to a smaller chamber some distance off. In here is the hollowed out remains of an ancient bronze robot. GRN 1000 moved over to it and started inspecting it, tearing the metallic arms off to use later, and discovering the creature hiding inside of the bronze body of the android. Inside of it is a very confused giant, pale subterranean sea star, more like a basket star in this case. It flung itself out of the body when discovered, but didn't really do anything but writhe confusedly on the floor. They decided to take it home too, bringing the total number of pets up to 5 (Jaru has a crow familiar).

After crawling through the tunnel, Jaru and Costin ended up at a crossroads. They took a peak through the doorway into the door to the north, and saw a violent scene of many Rowdy Brick Boys wrangling and riding a many-legged giant weasel. They decided they would rather not deal with that, and so went down the hallway and opened the door slightly to take a peak into the room there, seeing many cubbeys filled with many skulls, all snoring and sleeping, They thought that that sounded like it was either a boss monster or at least something terribly powerful, and so went back to the giant weasel room to fight.

When they entered the room, the brick boys noticed them immediately and pounced, one brick boy clinging to Jaru and one fighting Costin, the other riding the weasel and keeping it under "control". Costin dispatched the brick boy quickly, breaking it into smaller pieces, the same fate befalling the rowdy brick boy clinging to Jaru. I don't quite remember how they killed the weasel and the brick boy riding upon it, but I do remember it involved an attack to the throat, because it dislodged something within it. This something was a small ceramic statue of a rat, which (while the player's don't know this) is able to turn anything into a small mammal once/day.

After that I believe they all agreed to meet up back at the statue room before exploring any further (although that may have actually happened earlier and I may have just forgotten it). After meeting up, they went into the room after the room containing the bronze robot and the sea star. This room is a pit filled with fetid garbage and sewage, and a very nice garbage-eating monster which happily ferried them around the dungeon. Specifically, they asked to be taken to "the nearest source of weapons" for the cost of, I believe, a couple of the harvestman legs. Once taken there, they were able to grab some weapons, and they then went back to the garbage beast to be transported back to the weasel room to inspect the mysterious closet on the other end of the room, for the cost of one of the component parts of the brass robot.

They stood in front of this door, made of dark wood decorated with gold details. They opened this door. Inside of the door was a massive grey worm, shoved and stuffed into such a tiny area. The lumpy giant worm unfolded, squirming into the hallway and vomiting forth a handful of rowdy brick boys. They tried to attack each brick boy, Costin using his pet monitor lizard and Moon Frog doing spin attacks with his giant sword. Moon Frog also decided to slash at the worm down the middle, in an attempt to kill it. This really did nothing, as the worm was stuffed full of brick boys which all just surged out of the creature once it was sliced in half. Jaru, in an attempt to use their magic to solve something for what was probably the first time in the entire dungeon, tried to cast a spell to fill the area with a poisonous gas. They failed the spell roll, instead filling the area with an uncontrollable, poisonous, and explosive gas.

Moon Frog was going to spend all of his points of strength to do a kind of final, devastating blow, but as everyone was slowly being killed by the poisonous gas, Maxie, the one character who got pretty much within an inch of her life, decided to sacrifice herself to let all of the other adventurers live. They all grabbed their pets and their treasure, running as fast as they could while Maxie fired her rifle into the explosive gas, igniting it and blowing even the shack above the ground to bits. The dungeon collapsed, but two things escaped: 13 floating skulls, which flew off into the wilderness, and an old lizard woman, who totally won't show up again at some point (yeah she will).

And with that, the four remaining adventurers walk off to the town of Chamlet, to sell their loot and buy more stuff, and to meet two new friends.

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