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Summon Elemental Spirit
Level 1 Magic-User spell
The sorcerer can call forth the basal elemental spirit of some aspect of reality, the pure manifestation of a material or concept. This spell is technically many spells in one, for the higher the level of the elemental which is wished to be summoned the higher the level of the spell. For every elemental spirit, the magician must have access to at least 1 significant item slot's worth of the corresponding material or, if the "material" is immaterial, it must be present at the time of casting. All elemental spirits have similar stats, increasing with the level of the spirit.

Elemental Spirit
Hit Dice: equal to level (with some exceptions)
Armor: varies
Attack: 1, bonus equal to level, 1d6-1d12 damage
Saves: 9+level for all save categories, might vary
Morale: 12
Alignment: Neutral

Material: Blood
Level: 2
The Coagulate is a spirit of blood, in the form of a serpentine tower of thick red fluid. It is crawling with small worms that bulge through the skin, and on its tip the Coagulate has a leech-like mouth. Coagulates have a POISON save of 15, and a DODGE save of 13, but all other save types are as normal. Its attack is a bite attack which deals 1d6 damage, with a chance of it transferring its vein worms into the body of its victim on a failed POISON save. Coagulates can heal themselves by dealing damage to organic enemies with blood (so not robots, undead, plants, golems, or other spirits).

Angel of Dust
Material: Dust
Level: 8
Angels of Dust are spindly things made entirely of the dander and particles which accumulate in uncleaned places. Their eyes are paper cut-outs, jarring on their otherwise featureless and bumpy faces. The wings of the Angels are wide and thin, drab and almost entirely translucent. Whenever the Angel of Dust touches a creature, its very body slowly ages and dissipates, turning to dust itself, its skin flaking off and clothing falling to pieces. The creature may make a MAGIC save to resist the effect and simply lose a limb and whatever gear was held in it or worn on it, but if they fail they die slowly from being turned to dust. The Angel of Dust, though a level 8 elemental spirit, only has 1 hit die.

Material: Pain
Level: 9
A pure manifestation of pain which can only be summoned forth instantaneously when the pain is experienced. It is a ball of spikes, a mix of larger thorns and more miniscule needles, all growing on a red sphere. The very presence of Pain causes anguish and suffering in those around it, making all in its immediate vicinity roll all rolls twice, taking the worse result, due to the intense pain. Touching the Pain deals 2d10 damage, with only a PARALYSIS save possible to avoid also being paralyzed from pain and unable to move.

Material: Lava or Magma
Level: 3
The Hellbender is a giant magma salamander, an amphibian of immense proportions found in volcanoes and lava streams. They are most notable for their tiny volcano eyes, able to launch burning hot balls of melted stone like a cannon. Hellbenders can attack twice in a round, either 2 bite attacks, 2 launches of the volcano cannon, or some combination thereof. Their bites deal 1d8 damage, and their lava attack deals 1d10 damage each. The POISON, PARALYSIS, and DEVICE saves of the Hellbender are all 15, while the DODGE save is only 9.

Crown of Crowns
Material: Gold and Jewels
Level: 4
The Crown of Crowns is a being made of coins and jewels and ancient heirlooms, an elemental of treasure, with an impressive crown of glittering silver atop its head. The Crown of Crowns wears a purple robe made from a tapestry, and has three arms of gold, each armed with a weapon. This golden elemental can attack three times in a round, dealing 1d6 damage with each attack. It takes half damage from all physical attacks, and has +2 to all saves. However, elemental attacks of all kinds, whether fire or ice or poison or rust, deal double damage to them. They have Armor 2. Every hit point of the Crown of Crowns is equal to one gold piece (or silver piece if using a silver standard), but for every hit point the sorcerer removes from the Crown for the purposes of spending, they get a -1 to their next spellcasting roll.

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