Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Class and Race Week Day 2: The Mummifier and the Residual Spectre

Here is a class that slowly mummifies its body and grants itself strange esoteric powers, and a race of undead ectoplasms left over from a ghost's untime in this unworld.

The Mummifier
Parent Class: Priest
Hit Dice: d6 (+3/level after 9)
Attack Bonus: 1/2 level, rounded up
Saving Throws: as Priest (see below)
XP to Level 2: 2,750

Prerequisites to playing this class:

  • Must have a physical body that can be preserved. If the race you are playing is normally incorporeal or semi-incorporeal, you must somehow acquire a physical form. If you are playing a race that cannot be easily preserved, such as slug-people or certain elves, then you cannot play this class much, since they would be harmed by the preservation process.
Mummifiers have the following class features:
  • All experience from treasure must be spent on acquiring special materials (such as incense, wrappings, holy texts and relics, etc.) to begin or continue the mummifying process and to gain religious knowledge.
  • At level 2, your unarmed attacks are considered magical and deal 1d4 damage on a hit. This damage goes up one die type every second level (d4 to d6 at level 4, d6 to d8 at level 6, etc.). At level 4, additional damage equal to half the unarmed damage is added to weapon attacks (1d3 at level 4, 1d4 at level 6, etc.)
  • Every level (beginning at second level), you choose an esoteric power. Most esoteric powers are once a day, with a handful of at-will abilities and the possibility that a mummifier will choose the same power twice or more. The esoteric powers available vary, but some possible ones might include:
    • Speak to Stones
    • Night-vision
    • Turn Food to Dust
    • Control Flames
    • Sticks to Snakes
    • Mind Control
    • Immunity to Disease and Poisons
  • At level 9, the mummifier chooses to either unlock the ability to inflict the terrible disease known as Mummy's Rot (in addition to other possible diseases), or to be able to cure any disease.
The Residual Spectre
Ability Scores: +WIS, -CON
Racial Traits: Is incorporeal (can pass through inanimate objects and living creatures (causing a strange feeling)). Cannot use non-magical physical equipment at all. Is able to see where any living thing is at all times, but cannot see inanimate objects in darkness. Can possess living things and inanimate objects to gain a physical form, at least for a time. Can speak with the dead once per day (plus wisdom modifier if positive). When inhabiting a physical form, use the average of the host's and spectre's physical ability scores.
Class Restrictions: Residual spectres can play any class, but the majority are magic-users and priests, simply due to the immaterial nature of these small spirits. However, when inhabiting a body, they are able to utilize the physical equipment required of other classes.

Residual spectres are the remnants of immaterial undead (and some material ones as well!) when they pass through an area. They are cast off, with no memory of their parent ghost's past life, and with not much in the way of paranormal power. All they can do is take another being's physical form and contact other, much more powerful spirits in the area.

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