Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Handful of Announcements

I have many things planned in the upcoming days/weeks/whatever on this here blog.

The first is that next week is what will be called Race and Class Week, where everyday I create and post a playable race and a playable class, and occasionally one or the other will be replaced with a race-as-class style class. This will go from Monday (Labor Day) to the following Sunday.

The second is that I am working on a large(ish) adventure that I will post a pdf of after I play it with my group. It still needs a name, but I have the basic concepts down. It is a dungeon filled with undead halflings, strange mutants made by a morally ambiguous wizard, ancient fungal monstrosities, and demons from space.

I am also going to make more Colorpocalypse posts in the upcoming days, as well as conversions to make it into a more normal OSR game.

Have a great day!

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