Thursday, July 9, 2015

Two More Classes for The World With No Name

I've found this custom XP guide made by Nick Peterson. It's made for Labyrinth Lord, but by changing it a bit, removing level limits from the calculation, and ignoring most limitations on armor, weapons, and magic items, I can create fairly balanced custom XP charts for all of my classes. I've calculated the two classes I made in my last class post for their XP, and here's what I got in the end:

The Puppet: 1,580 XP to reach level 2
The Goremaster: 2,020 XP to reach level 2

I've also created custom XP for the following two classes: The Aquatic and The Barber-Surgeon.

The Aquatic
Hit Dice: d8 (+2/level after 9th)
Attack Bonus: Equal to level
Saving Throws: as Elf
XP to Level 2: 2,080

You are a member of some underwater race. You might be a fishman, or a walking octopus, or a kappa, or the child of a union of piscine peoples and humans.

  • You can breathe underwater and on land.
  • You have a swim speed equal to your walking speed (120' when unencumbered)
  • You switch Constitution and Charisma, but only if Charisma is higher than Constitution
  • Your appearance is based on two rolls that function like the descriptors of a fighter (d10). If you roll two appearances that go against each other, keep the later one and re-roll the first.
    • Frog: Can jump great distances
    • Turtle: AC bonus of +2
    • Eel: Limbless. Has control over water.
    • Axolotl: Regenerates 1 HP every turn
    • Isopod: Can climb walls
    • Fish: Fangs or bite attack that deals 1d4 damage, using Strength
    • Octopus: Has multiple appendages (tentacles)
    • Whale: Is very large (-2 to hit small targets such as halflings), like 7 or 8 feet tall.
    • Tardigrade: Is very tiny (cannot use large weapons), has +2 to all saving throws
    • Crab: AC bonus of +1, claw attack (1d6, using Strength)

The Barber-Surgeon
Hit Dice: d6 (+2/level after 9th)
Attack Bonus: 1/2 level, rounded down
Saving Throws: as Magic-User
XP to Level 2: 1,250

You are a "doctor" who is skilled in the arts of bloodletting and amputation. You also are quite skilled with the scissors and the shampoo.

  • You can perform bloodletting that heals a number of d4s of HP equal to your level. This is done by making a Medicine skill check (the skill that this class is especially proficient in (begins at 3 in 10 chance)). If it succeeds, the HP rolled is added to the HP of whomever you are performing the procedure on. If it fails, the HP rolled is removed from the HP of whomever you are performing the procedure on.
  • In combat, you can roll a d6 to see if your attack severs a limb. This increases at the same rate as the Search skill of the Elf does in the rulebook. If the roll succeeds, then you roll 1d4 to determine which limb is amputated: 1-right arm, 2-left arm, 3-right leg, 4-left leg. If a one is rolled, then the head of the enemy is removed, killing them instantly.
  • You can create an anesthetic that can knock out someone for a number of minutes equal to your level. This costs 200 SP, and gives you bonus time for every additional 100 SP spent on it. The additional time is equal to 1/2 your level (30 seconds at level 1). The victim gets a save vs. Paralysis to combat it.

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