Sunday, June 4, 2017

Custom B/X Classes

There are only really two ways to make classes for a class-based game. Either have a small number of generic classes which can encompass a variety of character types, such as that in early DnD (with Fighters, Magic-Users, and Specialists), or have a large number of very specific classes that play into the setting or are just very interesting. When you mix and match these two design philosophies it just doesn't work as well conceptually in my opinion (which is one of the problems I have with 3e and up systems; they have specific classes like Sorcerer, Monk, and Ranger and then also generic classes like Fighter and Rogue, and the specific classes aren't even that fun or unique to begin with). I love working on both such systems of class, though I find that designing goofy highly specific classes is a very fun way to stretch these simple systems and create unique character types. To end this dumb rant about classes, I'm gonna post four custom classes for B/X and derivative systems, whether LL, S&W, or LotFP, three of which I wrote a while ago but hadn't posted and one of which I wrote just yesterday. I tried to keep these as devoid of my house rules as possible, but I'd probably give each class unique roll-under saving throws like I normally use simply because I prefer that, and item restrictions are listed as "proficiencies" because I don't like completely restricting weapons and armor and such. Also the XP totals for these classes were made using the incredible and just downright great custom class creation system over at Of Dice and Djinn, which you should totally check out!

The Haemomancer, a blood-themed magic-user with a unique spellcasting system.

The Protected Researcher, a tank that isn't good at fighting but is very knowledgeable.

The Snail Knight, a gastropod-themed paladin-type character with an adorable pet/steed snail.

The Swamp Monster, a disgusting slimy fighter-type nonhuman.

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