Saturday, May 20, 2017

An Update

I haven't been on here in a while, woops! I'm going to be trying to write on this blog way more, especially now that the summer months are coming up! Expect more classes, monsters, session recaps, and so on for everything from OSR games to 5e to my very own Fantasmagoria.

Some plans for the future:

  • Finishing up and running my post apocalyptic rpg Gamma Basic, set in the irradiated ruins of the state of Ohio.
  • Writing up loads of wacky new classes and races for Basic D&D of all sorts.
  • Possibly some posts exploring ideas in games and D&D more specifically, since I haven't really done anything like that before and it seems like fun!
  • Game reviews, book reviews, and module reviews possibly.
  • Continuing to run my World With No Name game over the summer, and posting more about it and the setting it is set in!
  • And publishing my very own monster book for the World With No Name!!
It'll be great y'all!

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